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kubecon kasten

Kasten by Veeam

“learning.kasten.io was 100% created for the community but was also a marketing initiative. We decided to build this platform after KubeCon EU.

The labs are what makes this initiative unique: learning.kasten.io is not another YouTube channel, not another blog. It is the most comprehensive Kubernetes learning platform that provides real hands-on labs, on top of the more traditional assets.

Moving forward, we will continue to scale. More labs. More instructors. More learning.

– Tom Leyden, VP Marketing


“We are using Instruqt to power our certification course. The feedback we got from students so far was very positive. The fact that Instruqt offers a self-contained environment right in your browser cannot be overstated. After the successful launch of our certification course, we have also identified additional use cases for Instruqt such as employee onboarding and partner training.”

– Kostis Kapelonis, Technical Advocate

codefresh customer story


“The platform manages all of the backend cloud accounts and resources for us so we can focus on developing great training content. If there are any problems or issues with our content we can fix them right away. Instruqt has been a great accelerator for HashiCorp workshops.”

– Sean Carolan, Sales Engineer

Red hat

These interactive learning scenarios provide you with a pre-configured Ansible Automation Platform environment to experiment, learn, and see how the platform can help you solve real-world problems. The environment runs entirely in your browser, enabling you to learn more about our technology at your pace and time.

Sean Cavanaugh, Ansible Technical Marketing

red hat instruqt customer story


Puppet Practice Labs are a series of tracks containing short challenges where you can try out Puppet technologies and learn new skills in an easy, quick, hands-on way. Each track spins up a sandbox so you can follow along with the tutorial right in your browser.

– Nikki McDonald, Senior Manager of Technical Education

puppet instruqt customer story


“Instruqt is super rad. It allows us to have a web-based platform where people can interact with a terminal and some code. So they don’t have to install Terraform or anything. They spin up these challenges in their browser, and then I was able to put instructions off to the side of the screen, and they can walk through the different challenges.

–  Scott McAllister, Developer Advocate

google cloud

“We’ve used the Instruqt arcade machines powered by their engaging virtual IT labs at 20-plus Global events and conferences. Our users have experienced Instruqt’s virtual IT labs on five different continents. The IT community loved Instruqt’s gamified virtual IT lab experience. Large amounts of attendees crowding around a single machine and working together on a game. I recommend Instruqt as a great way to engage and educate your audience on your product”

– Brent Shaffer, Developer Programs Engineer


“Using Instruqt, we were able to reduce our setup time by 95%. Giving us more time to interact with our customers attending the training, and being able to deliver training at an even higher quality and consistency.

IT Professionals love the challenge-driven learning experience. They love that Instruqt gives instant feedback after solving a challenge. Allowing the learner to make mistakes and learn from them. Instruqt really helps learners go through and understand what they’re doing.”

– Ben Hählen, Director of Customer Success

godatadriven academy

“We use Instruqt with IT Professionals that want to understand the analytics workflow of their data team with a 1-hour walk-through with a simple deployment system, a robust and enterprise-ready authentication mechanism, and especially standardization, it solved all our problems.

Our clients get a unique invite code at the beginning of the course, and they immediately get a working learning environment for each of them.

– Giovanni Lanzani, Director of Learning and Development

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