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Discover how companies use Instruqt’s Challenge-Driven IT Learning Platform to accelerate their team initiatives with virtual workshops, (virtual) customer training, and self-paced training.

Scalable Solution to Run Product Workshops

We use Instruqt to break complex technical concepts into bite-sized challenges that any user can do right in their web browser. The user feels a sense of accomplishment each time they complete a challenge, and this inspires them to complete more challenging tasks. Instruqt has had an enormous impact on our ability to deliver workshops at scale.

Previously we could only support around twenty or thirty students at a time, but with Instruqt we are able to host instructor-led virtual workshops for over 200 simultaneous users.

The platform manages all of the backend cloud accounts and resources for us so we can focus on developing great training content. Built in testing ensures that our content is always working and ready for use. We have a bot that runs through every single track each night, simulating a student working through the lab exercises. If there are any problems or issues with our content we can fix it right away. Instruqt has been a great accelerator for HashiCorp workshops.

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Sean Carolan
Sean Carolan,

Previously a Technology Specialist – Terraform at HashiCorp

Google Cloud Showcasing its Products Around the World

“We’ve used the Instruqt arcade machines at 20-plus Global events. Hosting them at conference that were on five different continents and translating them into six different languages. We experienced multiple attendees crowding around a single machine and work together on a game. A great way to engage and educate your audience on your product” 

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Brent Shaffer
Brent Shaffer,

Developer Programs Engineer at Google.Inc

XebiaLabs Reduces Churn and Accelerates Customer Training

Using Instruqt, we were able to reduce our setup time by 95%. Giving us more time to interact with our customers attending the training, and being able to deliver training at an even higher quality and consistency.

IT Professionals love the challenge-driven learning experience. More specifically, they love that Instruqt gives instant feedback after solving a challenge. If it’s not correct, the platform shows a popup explaining what went wrong. Allowing the learner to make mistakes and learn from them. Instruqt really helps learners go through and understand what they’re doing.

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Ben Hahlen
Ben Hählen,

Director of Customer Success at XebiaLabs

GoDataDriven Improves Learner's Experience with Virutal Trainings

We use Instruqt with IT Professionals that want to understand the analytics workflow of their data team with a 1-hour walkthrough — powered by our favorite learning platform — they get to experience what it takes to clean, analyze, and build a model on top of data.

Enter Instruqt: with a simple deployment system, a robust and enterprise-ready authentication mechanism, and especially standardization, it solved all our problems.

Our clients get a unique invite code at the beginning of the course, and they immediately get a working learning environment for each of them.

Because it’s on industry standards as Docker and Go, it fits in the DevOps workflow just perfectly. And thanks to the power of HTML and the web all it needs to run is a web browser meaning we use it everywhere!

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Ben Hahlen
Giovanni Lanzani, 

Director of Learning and Development at GoDataDriven,

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