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Akuity Turns to Instruqt for Hands-on Online Courses and Certifications [Video]

Learn how Wojtek Cichoń, Founding Marketing Manager at Akuity, educates users through online courses and certifications with Instruqt to nurture leads in the sales process.

Founded by Argo co-creators, Akuity’s mission is to modernize the cloud-native application delivery landscape and provide a delightful end-to-end developer experience that works. Staunch proponents of open-source software, the founders started Akuity to advocate for the Argo project, to share their knowledge and deep expertise of its capabilities, and to become a trusted voice for its users.

Based in Sunnyvale, California, Akuity customers include Kumo, LegalZoom, Masterclass, and Exabeam. 

  • Challenge - Akuity needed a platform to create its online courses and certifications to teach users about their technology and Argo CD in a way that was hands-on and easy to navigate.
  • Solution - After reviewing similar solutions, Akuity chose Instruqt because of the platform’s easy, out-of-the-box setup, intuitive interface, and immersive hands-on learning experience.
  • Results - Instruqt’s low-maintenance platform allowed Akuity to focus its time and attention on nurturing leads and moving them further down the funnel more efficiently.

The team at Akuity plans to expand their use of Instruqt to cover technically complex topics and future products. Check out Akuity Academy here.

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