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Instruqt takes care of setting up and maintaining the environment. So you can focus on creating winning interactive demos, product tours, and workshops.

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Create interactive, hands-on demos, product tours, and workshops the easy way.
Works with all technologies
Build labs that mimic your live product. Instruqt works with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Linux, Windows, Docker, Kubernetes, and more.
Code from your browser
You can embed the Code Editor IDE into any Instruqt track, providing a fully-featured programmer's editor for Javascript, Python, Ruby, Java, or any other programming language.
Real-time access to multi-cloud
Get temporary access to an entire cloud project on any Cloud provider of your choice: AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.
Maintenance free
Make a big impact even with a small team. We manage the complete lifecycle from provisioning to the teardown of your sandboxes.
Ready-to-use templates
Get up and running fast with our library of Docker and Kubernetes templates and track environment configuration templates.


Run your demos and workshops with zero prep time on a reliable and stable platform.
Idle timeout
Better monitor learner (in)activity and terminate track environments after a (configurable) idle timeout.
Live events
Manage your event content from start to finish. Follow how the group and attendees are doing at a glance. Troubleshoot attendees when they need some extra TLC.
No workshops are too big for Instruqt
Burst mode supports increases in demand without any lead-time planning. You can add any number of users at any time you like.
Embed content anywhere
Create an always-on-demand engine. Embed your demos and training on the website with an easy-to-use embed code. Reach a wider audience. Increase engagement.
Spin-up demo environment in seconds
Launch your demos and workshops in seconds. Create a safe place for experimentation and learning.
Shareable by default
Easily share content with external users by generating magic access links.
Support users at any distance
No more jumping through hoops to lend a helping hand. Over-the-shoulder access enables instructors to.
Automated testing framework
Your users will never run into broken content. Use our CLI to test your content automatically. Add it to your CI pipeline jobs.


Turn prospects into customers and productive
users with a user-friendly experience.
No set-up, no configs, and no downloads. Your users only need a browser.
Access all resources on one window pane
Offers a seamless experience with access to notes, terminals, quizzes, images, and videos in one place.
Launch in seconds
Content starts in seconds enabling your user's instant access.
Seamlessly integrate instruqt with your centralized authentication system for easy access and security.
Beat the forgetting curve with scenario-based hands-on exercises to hone people on the value of your technology.
Guided experience
Let your buyers experience your product 24/7 without getting lost, even for complex technical products.
Direct feedback
Increase your users’ motivation to learn and drive engagement by providing direct feedback based on their actions.
SOC 2® Type 2
Protect your sensitive data from unauthorized access or disclosure with our enterprise-grade security.


Make your life easier as Instruqt works with the tools you already use.
LTI integration
Embed Instruqt tracks directly into your LMS easily for a seamless learning experience. Connect your content and data with a LMS securely and quickly.
Keep your CRM and growth stacks up to date by getting real-time data from our platform to your services.
Open API
Increase productivity by automating actions on the platform with our GraphQL-based API.
Salesforce Integration
Funnel your prospect and customer activities to Salesforce contacts, leads, and opportunities so you can turn insights into revenue.


Keep your pulse on the impact of your demos, product tours, and workshops.
Measure content engagement
Clear dashboards show the big picture and audience-specific performance.
User Happiness and feedback
Discover what resonates and what to fix with automatic user ratings of your content.

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