The Instruqt Story

Instruqt started at HashiConf

It all started when a team of engineers at Xebia, a leading information technology service company in the Netherlands, co-organized Hashicorp’s first European conference. Their assignment was to introduce visitors to Hashicorp products.

The team created sandbox environments based on the HashiCorp tools (Nomad, Consul, Terraform, and Vault). It gave visitors a series of puzzles designed to let them experience the tools firsthand by solving challenges. About â…“ of the delegates participated. Some even went back to the hotel to finish all the challenges because the wifi signal was stronger. The visitors came to learn one tool but left with hands-on experience in all of them.

The seed for Instruqt’s gamified hands-on virtual IT labs learning platform was planted.

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We Officially Launched at Google Cloud Next

Instruqt was officially launched at Google Cloud Next (GCN) in San Francisco and was used to showcase the power of the Google Cloud technologies. The visitors were blown away by the Instruqt hands-on labs hosted on retro-style arcades. Since then, these arcades built by Instruqt are featured at Google events around the world.

Helping Software Companies Succeed

Instruqt enables fast-growing software companies to use hands-on experience to educate and sell to modern buyers. We transform how you reach prospects; enable buyers, sellers, and partners by removing barriers preventing people from experiencing what makes your product great. With a browser-based private sandbox environment, it’s never been easier or faster to see how your product adds value in real life!

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