Be an expert. All the time.

Master DevOps tools and boost your Cloud skills by solving hands-on challenges and completing real-life scenarios.

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With the right guidance, everyone can be an expert.

  • Guided learning

    Set your goals, and have the dynamic learning paths guide you step by step to reach them.

  • Gain insight

    See where you stand now and compare yourself to your peers. You decide where to go next.


Build hands-on expertise, with challenges designed by the experts.

  • Learning is doing

    Become an expert by doing. Real-life, hands-on scenarios prepare you to handle unforeseen challenges.

  • By the experts, to make you an expert

    Challenges are built by experts, to give you the best learning experience. Be a community hero and share your expertise by creating challenges for others.

All the time

Learn anything, anywhere, all the time.

  • Fit for the future

    Stay on top of the latest relevant technologies and build lasting knowledge with continuous learning. There is always a next challenge.

  • Continuous learning

    Ingrain learning into your daily routine, by completing byte-sized challenges whenever and wherever you have time.

  • Anywhere

    Learn in the office, at home or on the go. Any time you have a couple of minutes to spare, you can play another challenge.

Benefits for teams of 2 or more

You never learn alone. Guided learning expeditions for teams with metrics and feedback loops.

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