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Create, Code, Play

The Instruqt Engine gives your teams the power to build up required IT knowledge. Creating content is easy: create a hands-on challenge, code the validation scripts and start playing!

Manage knowledge distribution

Keep control of the knowledge distribution within your teams. Enable them to gain the DevOps or Cloud experience they need to become experts.

Maximize ROI on training

Increase the knowledge of your IT teams and deploy faster with less failures. Accelerate tool selection and facilitate experimenting. Get the right data to become more competitive.

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Train anywhere, anytime

With Instruqt, training becomes scalable. Your developers can open their favorite browser, go to Instruqt and start solving DevOps and Cloud challenges. No need to configure firewalls or configure laptops.

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Get in control of your Cloud and DevOps transformation

Instruqt is built for managers to give their teams the business context and technology they need to accelerate the Cloud and DevOps transformations. Increase the effectiveness of your teams and make your organization moving faster.

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Get inspired and informed about Cloud, DevOps and Data

HashiCorp launches Consul Connect during HashiDays Amsterdam

By Bas Tichelaar on June 26, 2018

Consul was already an awesome product for service discovery, but now with Consul Connect it’s even more awesome. HashiCorp integrated service mesh features into Consul, that makes connecting services more secure and manageable. HashiCorp explains the problem like this: managing infrastructure across teams becomes more and more complex due to the fact that infrastructure nowadays is a lot more dynamic. You can’t just file a ticket for a firewall change anymore, because that change may be obsolete in minutes.

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Building a scalable online learning platform

By Erik Veld on May 11, 2018

At the CodeMotion event in Amsterdam which was held on 8 and 9 May, I gave a talk which gives a look behind the scenes of instruqt. In the talk I showed how the platform is built and why we lean heavily on tools such as Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes and Terraform. After that we took a look at the inner workings of the platform. Showing what actually happens behind the scenes when content is created and when users interact with the platform.

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6 ways to run Kubernetes in the Cloud

By Bas Tichelaar on April 16, 2018

Until a few months ago, your best (and probably only) option to run Kubernetes in the cloud was Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). But things have changed, and there are a lot of viable alternatives. Let’s compare these offerings and see what’s the best solution for you. Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) Google was the first to offer a hosted version of Kubernetes. This makes sense, as Google created Kubernetes, based on their internal scheduler called Borg.

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Instruqt invited at Dutch Open Hackathon 2018

By Bas Tichelaar on April 12, 2018

At Instruqt, we love hackathons. In fact, Instruqt was initially created to facilitate competitions around technology. We participated in quite a few hackathons ourselves. We just love the vibe and competitive atmosphere. So we are really excited to attend the Dutch Open Hackathon 2018. We will help the teams during the hackathon itself, and we will even participate in the jury. Play on our arcade machine! During the Dutch Open Hackathon, you can play with our newly created arcade machine.

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