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Deliver interactive, tailor-made product demos to your prospects. Your leads are up to three times more likely to convert to paying customers after having seen and played with your product.


Build customized, hands-on tutorials, accessible from any browser. Reduce the time spent on training preparation by 80% while making trainings twice as effective.


Make your documentation more effective by adding hands-on tutorials. Capture frequently asked questions in real-world scenario’s to minimize time spent on support calls.

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Deliver interactive tutorials, demos and training

With Instruqt you can easily build and share sandboxed tutorials. This allows you to scale up your product demos, training offerings and increase revenue.

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Any technology, any cloud provider

Our platform integrates with all major cloud providers. We make it easy to simulate real production-like environments. All accessible from your favorite browser.

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Contact us and we will create a personalized demo using your product and technology. We will show you how we built the demo and how you can improve it yourself.

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Get inspired and informed about Cloud, DevOps and Data

Product adoption in IT: the problem with free trials

By Heily Speetjens on January 16, 2019

Product Adoption in IT: the problem with free trials A lot of articles and blogs describe how the customer journey should unfold and what gets in the way of achieving real success. Very few have been written about the problem of one of the most common steps for buying a technical product: the free trial. That is why this article discusses the problems with these trials but also discusses a possible solution for this problem.

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Webinar: Reduce your training setup time by 95%

By Bas Tichelaar on January 16, 2019

In this webinar you will learn how XebiaLabs, famous for DevOps products XL Deploy and XL Release, has reduced their training setup time by 95% by leveraging the Instruqt platform. Instead of creating VM's or configuring laptops, XebiaLabs now uses Instruqt, which spins up sandboxed training environments in seconds.

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HashiConf US 2018 highlights

By Bas Tichelaar on November 22, 2018

HashiConf is organised every year by HashiCorp, the company behind Vault, Terraform and Vagrant. The Instruqt team was present during HashiConf US in San Francisco. Our founder Erik Veld gave a talk on how we power our Arcade machines with Terraform. Fun fact: he actually presented his talk on an arcade machine on stage. Once the video is available, I will update this blogpost. During the conference, HashiConf announced a number of product updates.

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