The Next Generation Hands-on Virtual IT Labs for Software Adoption

Build hands-on tutorials, demos, and training without an engineering team.

 Drive adoption at scale with unique product experiences from the browser.

Turn your product into a growth engine

Nothing beats hands-on experience in the live environment when it comes to product adoption. Instruqt enables you to engage prospects, and customers like never before. 

  Build a full-featured sandbox for demos, tutorials, or training

  Share your demos, tutorials via link or embed on your site

  Offer prospects to test drive, explore, and learn your product

  Hook your audience with tasks to be done as challenges

  Use guidance and feedback to keep your audience

Accelerate your customer lifecycle

Learn exactly how Instruqt works for you


Turn your product into a lead magnet. Offer hands-on software experiences in a pre-configured sandbox.

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Sales Engineering

One platform to share, collaborate, and run demos and POCs. You get visibility, control, and insights.

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Customer Training

Accelerate time to value with hands-on interactive training on real-world scenarios in the browser.

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The smartest way to educate your audiences

Education done well leads to better product adoption, lower support costs, higher renewals, and deeper customer engagement. Instruqt incorporates advanced learning methods to help people see your value and make it stick.

Validation with checks

Traditional product instruction is nothing but a happy flow. Instruqt validation feature keeps people on track. And a great way to assess knowledge.

Holistic learning

Embed product instructions right in the sandbox offers a hassle-free hands-on experience. Sandbox supports notes, terminal, quizzes, images, and videos. 

Challenge- Driven

People love games. Gamified challenge-driven approach sparks curiosity, keeps people coming back for more, and increases knowledge retention. 

Byte-sized learning

The modern learner is time poor and has a low attention span. Break down your content into digestible chunks so they can assess small chunks of information at their fingertips.

Hands-on labs made easy

Nothing beats hands-on experience in the live environment when it comes to product adoption. Instruqt enables you to engage prospects, and customers like never before. 

Instruqt spins up a sandbox on real technology, real infrastructure, even for the most complex IT environments:


  • Integrates with Azure, AWS, Google Cloud
  • Works with Linux, Windows, and Docker
  • Editor that supports all major programming languages
  • Use built-in template or completely create your own
  • Command-line interface (CLI) for the power users

Our customers see tangible results

Fuel demands and sales pipelines

Redefine virtual workshop experience and deliver a strong pipeline.

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Accelerate the adoption of software

Minimize training set up time while boosting usage and customer happiness.

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Deliver virtual Hands-on training users love

Help the global community of scientists learn Docker with minimal technical effort.

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