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Instruqt challenge-driven learning platform enables organizations accelerate the adoption of new technologies for employees, partners, and customers.

Leading organizations trust Instruqt to drive product adoption and skill development

What Makes Instruqt Unique


IT Professionals Have Developed New Skills Using Instruqt

Learn on Instruqt

Instruqt Learning Hub features impactful challenge-driven learning paths to upskill your workforce continuously during a Cloud, DevOps, IT Security or Data-Science Transformation.

Prepare IT Teams to be Leaders in Digital Transformation

Support your company-wide transformations by upskilling your professionals at scale.

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Bitesize, Challenge-Driven Learning for the Modern Learner

Instruqtify your learning content with gamification and micro-learning to propel an interactive learning engagement.

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Home of the Digital Instruqtors

Besides learning new technologies, learners also get to understand why certain technologies are used and how they can benefit your organization and teams.

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Train on Instruqt

Instruqt Challenge-Driven Cloud Lab offers an easy-to-use and scalable platform to showcase your products; onboard and train customers virtually or self-paced.

Transform Your Training to Fit the Needs of the Modern Learner

Instruqtify your learning content with gamification and microlearning to propel an interactive learning engagement. 

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Reduce Your Lab Setup Time by 95%

Instruqt is able to spin up any container, VM or cloud resource in seconds on the browswer. We make it easy to simulate real production-like environments.

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Convert Your Classroom Trainings to Self-Paced

Whether you are giving training to a few individuals to thousands of users, Instruqt can handle it.

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