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Educate and Sell to Developers

Developers don’t want to be sold to - they want to discover tools hands-on. With Instruqt's virtual IT lab, users can instantly experience your product in live, sandbox environments.

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How it works

Give technical users interactive learning in a live environment.

step 1

Make your learning content interactive

Why build content that goes unused? Equip your learning content with challenges and scripts that create a step-by-step, interactive product experience.

step 2

Embed the learning experience on your site

Developers don’t want to download software or plugins to experience your tech. They want their own live environment. Instruqt’s disposable cloud accounts, virtual machines, and containers cater to developers' preferred hands-on approach.

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Developer / Tutorials / ToolX
Kubernetes the Easy Way
3 min | Kubernetes
Instruqt marketing

step 3

Let users self learn & discover value

Stop force-feeding product videos, documentation, sales calls, and traditional, passive learning. Let your customers and prospects drive their experience at their own pace and track their progress down to the specific feature with our insights dashboard.

Built for those who educate and sell new technologies


Product Marketers

Ditch the boring sales demos.  Create more compelling interactive content for your most technical prospects — and improve your content engagement.

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Sales Engineers

Take back your time. Spin up demos and POCs in a fraction of the time. Host live product workshops with confidence with our state-of-the-art stability.

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Customer Education Teams

Boring video training and dry internal documentation slow down the onboarding process. See where users get stuck and build better learning tools.

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Krastin Krasteve
Krastin Krastev
Product Education Engineer at HashiCorp

From interactive online labs to demos at events, you can quickly set up something special with the press of a button - so your focus remains on what matters: delivering an engaging learning experience.

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