Let your product do the talking

Let your product do the

Instruqt simplifies demos, workshops, and training with production-like sandbox environments that give users easy access to your product. Remove the biggest tech adoption barriers by enabling learning by doing.

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Turn Your Product Into a Growth Engine

Hands-on, Interactive Product Education

Increase engagement with a challenge-driven approach that teaches buyers and users how to use your product in real life.

Remove Barriers with Sandbox Environments

Instruqt is able to spin up any container, VM, or cloud resource in seconds. With just a few clicks and inputs you can set up or import a sandbox environment.

Train on Your Real Tech Stack

Create impactful product experiences and training that showcase real-world use cases of your product in action.
Product Marketing
Stand Out from the Crowd

Embrace the future of product adoption by building a hands-on experience that educates prospective buyers on the value of your product.

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Customer Training
Workshop and Train  With Confidence

Enjoy peace of mind when running workshop training and onboarding with our platform’s state-of-the-art stability that is built to scale.

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Instruqt customer training
Stop Selling, Start Educating

Transform your product into your primary growth engine by providing your prospects with easy access to your product that will accelerate their buyer’s journey.

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Instruqt Sales
Sales Engineering
Take Back Your Time

Sales Engineers have enough on their plates. Free up your schedule by setting up wow-worthy POCs in a fraction of the time.

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Your Product is Your Best Tool for Growth

Instead of your old clunky product tours, give your customers something fresh – an up close and personal interaction with your software.

With Instruqt powering your product-led growth strategy, your customers will receive interactive and educational training in a browser environment.

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Instruqt product growth
Create educational content focused around a pain your product solves

Hands-on experience is the future of software sales. Make it easy to try out your products today. Build hands-on tutorials, demos, and training without an engineering team.

Hands-on experiences

Turn education into a demand generation vehicle. Remove barriers to your product by offering hands-on experiences

Let your users scale-up

Add real value by contributing to the community by building hands-on learning portals on topics people want to skill up on


Add product storytelling to your content by showing how your product can help in real use-specific scenarios.

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