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New tech requires a modern approach to learning. We enable everyone to use the power of hands-on, challenge-driven™ learning to thrive in the digital world.

News Update: Instruqt Appoints New CEO.

Leading organizations trust Instruqt to drive product adoption and skills development

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Improve The Learning Experience, Knowledge Retention, and Learner Engagement


IT Professionals Have Developed New Skills Using Instruqt

“We’ve used the Instruqt Arcade Machines at 20-plus Global events. Hosting them at conferences that were on five different continents and translating them into six different languages. We’d always see several attendees crowding around a single machine, working together on a game. This is a great way to engage and educate your audience on your product.”

Brent Shaffer

Developer Programs Engineer, Google Inc.

“IT Professionals love the challenge-driven learning experience. They love that Instruqt gives instant feedback after solving a challenge.

Instruqt really helps learners go through and understand what they’re doing.”

Ben Hählen

Director of Customer Success,

“People love games. Instruqt’s challenge-driven learning transforms dull training material into a fun and engaging experience. Users retain more knowledge and are more likely to complete the entire training when they have a series of stepping stones or sub-tasks to complete along the way.”

Sean Carolan

Technology Specialist Terraform, Hashicorp

Learn on Instruqt

Build Your Teams’ IT Skills

Instruqt Learning Hub features impactful challenge-driven learning paths to upskill your workforce continuously during a Cloud, DevOps, Cyber Security, or Data-Science Transformation.

Learn On Real Technology and Infrastructure

Bite-sized Learning Content

Hands-on Learning with Challenges and Instant Feedback

Upskill at Scale and Cost-Effectively

Get Insights on Performance with Analytics

Train on Instruqt

Boost Your Product Adoption

Instruqt Challenge-Driven Cloud Lab offers an easy-to-use and scalable platform to showcase your products; onboard and train customers virtually or as self-paced learning.

No Setup: Just Open Your Browser

 Flexible Content: Train in Your Own Way

Enjoy the Scalability of the Cloud

An Integrated Branded Learning Experience

Measured Learning & Analytics

 Drive Engagement in Your Next Virtual Event

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