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The #1 Hands-on Virtual IT Labs for Product-led Growth

Build hands-on tutorials, demos, and training without an engineering team.

 Drive adoption at scale with unique product experiences from the browser.

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Turn your product into a growth engine

Nothing beats hands-on experience in the live environment when it comes to product adoption. Instruqt enables you to engage prospects, and customers like never before. 

  Build a full-featured ready-to-use sandboxes for customers

  Share your demos, tutorials via link or embed on your site

  Offer prospects to test drive, explore, and learn your product

  Hook your buyers with tasks to be done as challenges

  Use guidance and feedback to keep your audience

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Accelerate your customer lifecycle

Learn exactly how Instruqt works for you


Tell your product story and grow your pipeline. Help buyers experience your product firsthand on the browser.

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Sales Engineering

Build reproducible, reliable, and scalable demos. Have one platform to build, collaborate, and run demos.

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Customer Training

Help customers get started with your software right away. Enable people to learn new skills in a fun way.

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Build reproducible, reliable, and scalable labs faster and without stress

Share and embed environments to enable 1000+ people to provision infrastructures in less than 20 seconds.

Reproducible — demonstrate your product features without setting up custom environments each time

Reliable — share your content with confidence with zero lab preparation time before demos and workshops

Scalable — distribute and embed your labs anywhere  to reach thousands of people, anywhere

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Our customers see tangible results

Generate demand in the tech community

Turn education into a demand gen vehicle via hands-on learning.

Attract developers  >


Scale presales and streamline operations

Scale (pre)sales to focus valuable time on strategic buyers conversations.

Scale digital selling >

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Offer accessible hands-on customer education

Enable users to feel confident scaling product use with hands-on tutorials. 

Turn customers into champions >

Wanna see the magic of

Instruqt in action?

Test drive to see how Instruqt works.

    Experience the new way of selling.

    Enjoy some amazing hands-on fun.

    Get started instantly with a link.