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Running Kubernetes tutorial

Running Kubernetes clusters

Learn how to create and operate Kubernetes clusters

Running Git tutorial

Online course for Git

Learn to version your code and solve merging conflicts using Git

Docker tutorial

Learn Docker by creating containers

Improve your development workflow by learning how to work with Docker

Openshift tutorial

Play with Openshift

Learn to manage your containers using the OpenShift platform from Red Hat

Online courses from Instruqt

Develop hands-on skills in DevOps and Cloud

Complete our online courses in DevOps, Cloud, Big Data and security to stay ahead of the game in a world of ever growing and evolving technologies. Take control of your career by developing high in-demand skills like Machine learning and Blockchain.

Explore and play around with new tech tools in your own sandbox. Create your personal learning path in line with your ambition and needs. At your own pace. In your own browser.

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Educate your teams in Coding, Big Data and Security

Create your own private online learning courses with our comprehensive SDK. Get real-time insight in your team’s learning progress.

Assess potential new-hires with challenges reflecting the actual job requirements. Test them on subjects like Security and Coding quality.

Enhance continuous learning and team engagement within your IT organization.

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Increase adoption for your product

Showcase your product and easily share new features and best practices. Accessible from anywhere using just a browser. It all runs in the cloud.

Increase adoption by letting users experience your product. Gain real-time feedback on user behaviour.

Train users worldwide. Online and scalable. Enhance your existing demo-/ courseware with practical assignments.

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