The Next Generation Hands-on Virtual IT Labs for Software Adoption

The way people learn and buy software has changed. Transform your demos, training, and tutorials into interactive and customized experiences on real technology, real environments.

Instruqt powers technical sales enablement, customer success, and training

You develop great hands-on learning, let us take care of the rest!


Maximize productivity by unlocking the complexity of your tech stacks.

Marketing and Sales

Tell product stories with interactive tutorials, demos, POCs.


Quick to implement, easy to use, better for learning

“People love games. Instruqt’s challenge-driven learning transforms dull training material into a fun and engaging experience. Users retain more knowledge and are more likely to complete the entire training when they have a series of stepping stones or sub-tasks to complete along the way.”

– Sean Carolan Technology Specialist Terraform, Hashicorp

Learn on real environments

Bite size learning content


Guided learning

Instant feedback

Analytics on user performance

100% browser based

Open SDK

Integrate with any cloud provider

Simple multiple invites system

No maintenance required

Pay as you go 

Use Cases

Ways to use Instruqt

The possibilities are endless to transform any learning into a fun and engaging experience.

Customer Training

Offer guided workshops with your product experts in a live virtual lab environment.

Lead Generation

Build interactive self-service demos  for customers to try your latest technologies.

Sales Enablement

Empower your sales teams with easy to access demos and POC environments.

Virtual Events

Boost traffic and attendance. Showcase products with gamification.

Internal Training

Create custom training content that mirrors your production environment.

Educate Your Teams

Get production-ready faster. Build hands-on skills in Data Science, Cloud & DevOps.

Knowledge Sharing

Build a living documentation of your tech stacks for peer to peer learning.


Host hackathons or datathons for 1000s of participants and solve challenges together. 

What our customers say

Improve the learning experience, knowledge retention, and learner engagement

100.000+ IT Professionals Have Developed New Skills Using Instruqt
Previously we’d have to cap attendance at 40-50 people because the room simply wouldn’t contain more participants. Now we can accommodate hundreds of users simultaneously because there are no physical limits, and no travel required.
Sean Carolan

Sean Carolan

Technology Specialist Terraform at Hashicorp
If your training involves a lot of overhead to setup software or depend on specific versions of an OS or some software dependency, then Instruqt can help you make your training more accessible and more focused on content. 
Coert Baart CEO of Instruqt

Louise Cabansay

Software Engineere at UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute
We’ve used the Instruqt Arcade Machines at 20-plus Global events. Hosting them at conferences that were on five different continents and translating them into six different languages.
Coert Baart CEO of Instruqt

Brent Shaffer

Developer Programs Engineer at
Google Inc.


Learn more. Grow more.

Improve the learning experience, knowledge retention, and learner engagement

See how Instruqt can help you use learning by doing in your business.