Offer Seamless Customer Education with Instruqt LTI Integration

Enable your learners to conveniently access your Instruqt labs from within your LMS without logging into multiple platforms. Boost product adoption with an engaging learning experience while you get insights into the learner’s progress.
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Extend your LMS with powerful hands-on labs

Instruqt's LTI Integration empowers your customer education teams to provide an innovative approach to training delivery easily. By seamlessly integrating our hands-on learning platform into your existing LMS or training environment, you can provide your teams with an engaging, effective, and scalable learning experience. With real-time tracking and actionable insights, you can monitor learners' progress and foster continuous skill development within your organization.

What is LTI Integration?

LTI  (Learning Tools Interoperability) is the industry-standard protocol that bridges the gap between learning platforms like Learning Management Systems (LMS) and external learning tools. With Instruqt's LTI Integration, you can extend your LMS with powerful hands-on labs.

How does the Instruqt LTI Integration work

The Instruqt LTI Integration enables a seamless connection between your organization's LMS and our immersive, hands-on learning platform. Learners accessing training content, courses, or challenges through the LMS are automatically redirected to Instruqt. Here, they can engage with live environments, complete tasks, and acquire practical skills in a real-world context. Progress and completion data are automatically transmitted to the LMS, making tracking and reporting a breeze.

Benefits - combine the best of Instruqt and your LMS

Enhanced Learning Experience

Your learners can dive into their learning journey without any interruptions. Say goodbye to the hassle of navigating to a separate page or logging in again to begin their assignments. Embrace a truly immersive and cohesive customer education environment.

Time and Cost Efficiency

With Instruqt LTI Integration, you can save time and resources by avoiding the need to build and maintain separate training environments. The seamless integration streamlines the process, allowing your team to focus on creating valuable content instead.

Real-time Performance Tracking

The integration enables continuous tracking of learners' progress and performance. Customer education teams can access detailed analytics and reports through your LMS, gaining insights into learners' strengths and areas for improvement.

Alex Williamson
Principal Training Solutions Engineer, Puppet

"Puppet's customer education department is reaping the benefits of switching from home-grown labs to Instruqt. The team now has increased productivity while having the numbers and facts to show the impact of their customer training on engagement in managers and stakeholder meetings."