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Instruqt’s embed feature empowers organizations to easily embed their labs on web pages and LMS to streamline learning and training.
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Learning Made Easy with Track Embedding

An engaging and insightful piece of training content doesn’t carry much weight if there are too many barriers for users to cross before they experience the track.

If you build your learning and training content with Instruqt, you can easily copy the embed code and paste it into your website’s code editor or Learning Management System (LMS). Instead of installing software or downloading plugins to interact with your content, users simply have to click a web link and press play.

The Benefits of Instruqt’s Embed Feature

Reach a wider audience

Engage more customers, convert more leads and move prospects through the funnel faster with on-demand labs on your website.

Increase User Retention

Minimize drop-offs from external site redirects, resulting in increased user retention rates and conversions.

Enhance customer experience

Provide a seamless learning journey. Users can effortlessly access labs, enabling them to actively engage with your content.

Get more out of Instruqt Embeddable Labs

Go Full Screen with Kiosk Mode

With Kiosk Mode, you can seamlessly share a direct link that launches a full-screen version of your lab, ensuring an immersive and focused learning environment.

Customize Your Embed

Explore a world of possibilities to make it resonate with your audience add personalized buttons, display challenges on the splash screen and disable feedback.

Seamless Third-Party Integrations

You can even take embedding one step further by integrating an embedded track with a third-party system like an LMS and your Salesforce and other CRM solutions.

J. Cortez
Business and Technology Strategist, Red Hat

“These labs have been game changer for Red Hat, our Clients and Partners!”