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Accelerate Sales Cycles and Boost Sales Productivity

We help you turn insights into revenue by capturing engagement with your demos and training in Salesforce. Accelerate your sales cycle by allocating your sales resources more efficiently.
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Get more out of your Instruqt demos and training

Dealing with disjointed business applications hinders your revenue team's productivity. Whether you're in marketing, sales, or customer education, acting swiftly and decisively drives success. Instruqt Salesforce integration is designed to streamline your demo and training workflow and help you drive more success with data insights.

How the Instruqt Salesforce Integration Works

Instruqt Salesforce Integration establishes a seamless connection between your Salesforce CRM and our virtual IT labs.
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Seamless Data Synchronization
The activities of your customers and learners who submit their information and engage with a track through a track invite link are automatically transmitted to Salesforce. You can conveniently view this activity within Salesforce under each lead, contact opportunity, and account view.
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Automated Progress Tracking
Our integration automatically tracks user progress and achievements in the virtual labs, updating the corresponding records in Salesforce. This valuable data gives marketing and sales teams insights into customer interests, competencies, and readiness to move forward.
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Streamline Lead Qualification
By leveraging the valuable data from Instruqt, Salesforce users can generate insightful reports that unveil the true value and return on investment (ROI) of using Instruqt. Gain visibility into which leads originated from Instruqt and how many ultimately converted into successful deals. You can even create a 'likeliness' score, clearly indicating engagement for individual leads or grouped account opportunities.

The Benefits of the Salesforce Integration

Boost sales productivity

Discover the best demo strategies, pinpoint the optimal number of demos required to secure the sale across various customer segments, and uncover the key features that resonate with your buyers.

Generate Product Qualified Leads

Gate access to demos and training and determine your leads' interest level. You can stay on top of your leads with real-time alerts through Salesforce automation.

Allocate Presales Efficiently

Target and engage the buying committee effectively. Gain a clear understanding of the features that matter most to your buyers, even without being physically present.

Idit Levine
CEO at

“Using Instruqt for live workshops, demos, and self-paced learning helps us actively engage with prospects much earlier in the buying cycle - giving us an edge in winning more deals.”