Say Goodbye to Barriers with Sandbox Environments

Instruqt sandbox technology enables developers to experience the full context of your software in a risk-free, controlled setting.
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What are Sandbox Environments?

A sandbox is a self-contained environment that utilizes pre-configured live environments to match real-world scenarios.

Multiple sandbox hosts can be included within a sandbox, which can take the form of containers or virtual machines. By accessing sandboxes solely through a web browser, learners can experiment and learn without the burden of configuring their own setups or concerns about inadvertently causing damage.

How the Instruqt Sandbox Technology Works

Instruqt Sandbox Technology leverages the power of virtualization and cloud computing to create dynamic and interactive learning environments.

Go beyond traditional app-centric demo and training! Instruqt enables you to show and tell how multiple applications work together in real-life scenarios.
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Virtualized Infrastructure
Instruqt utilizes advanced virtualization techniques to replicate real-world IT infrastructures, allowing users to access a wide range of applications, servers, and networks.
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Secure Private Sandbox
Each user is granted a private sandboxed environment, ensuring complete isolation from others. This isolation ensures a safe space to experiment, make mistakes, and learn without any impact on other people or even production systems.
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On-Demand Access
With our cloud-based setup, users can access the sandbox labs anytime, anywhere, and from any device—no more worries about hardware constraints or geographical limitations.
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Scenario-based learning
Instruqt supports scenario-based learning, where users are presented with real-world challenges and tasks to solve. This hands-on approach fosters active learning and enhances the retention of knowledge.
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Monitoring and Insights
Instructors and administrators have access to comprehensive monitoring and analytics tools, enabling them to track progress, identify strengths, and address areas for improvement.

The Benefits of Sandbox Environments

Easy Access to Demos and Training

No set-up of installation required. On-demand access and virtualized infrastructure cut demo and training costs.

Stimulate Hands-on Exploration

Users interact directly with your solutions in a controlled environment. Hands-on experience enhances understanding and user retention.

Showcase an Entire Workflow

Users can gain a holistic understanding of how diverse applications collaborate and contribute to a seamless workflow.

Kostis Kapelonis
Senior Developer Advocate at Codefresh

"Creating online trainings or certifications is always a cumbersome process. You need to make sure that students have the proper equipment and proper software versions. Instruqt avoids all these problems completely by offering a cloud native way to launch sandbox environments on demand. You can use these environments for product demos, employee onboarding, customer scenarios or even certifications/training.”