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Codefresh goes viral with self-paced learning and certification


Who is Codefresh?

Codefresh is a next-generation enterprise software delivery platform for cloud-native applications. Codefresh helps you automate your GitOps workflows and advanced deployments such as Canary and Blue/Green and are the premium Argo enterprise solution. Codefresh can support any pipeline end-to-end. 

DevOps teams from GoodRx,, Deloitte, and more depend on Codefresh to deploy their software in a safe and scalable manner.


Leverage learning to drive brand awareness in the tech community

Argo CD is a Kubernetes-native continuous deployment (CD) tool. Unlike external CD tools that only enable push-based deployments, Argo CD can pull updated code from Git repositories and deploy it directly to Kubernetes resources. This allows developers to manage infrastructure configuration and application updates in one system. Argo CD is one of the fastest-growing tools in the CNCF landscape. 

“We have seen many people asking questions about ArgoCD. The same questions come up again and again. Instead of explaining what ArgoCD is a thousand times, we created a training and certification to educate people on Argo and GitOps,” — Kostis Kapelonis, Senior Developer Advocate at Codefresh.

To help people learn Argo CD, Kostis and his colleagues started by improving the documentation. But they found that documentation is different than having a live workspace where people can get hands-on with the technology. While CNCF offered some training in this area but not specifically on Argo CD, they decided to be the first to provide this learning experience.


Why Codefresh chooses Instruqt to run the GitOps Argo CD Training and Certification

Zero Setup Kubernetes

Setting up Kubernetes is complex and hard for new users. By providing a pre-configured Kubernetes environment, learners can quickly delve into the learning content. That is what learners want! Instruqt makes it very easy for the learner and me — the content creator. The platform automatically creates the Kubernetes environment on-demand and teardowns it after the training. 

Browser-based Access

Having everything run in a standard web browser is a game-changer. By creating the course content on Instruqt, learners don’t have to worry about firewall restrictions, incompatible devices, or security software that prevents their software from running.

Flexible Building Tool

Content creators can build labs from the Web UI and Instruqt CLI. Whether you are a visual person or a non-visual person, Instruqt is there for our team. 

Preloaded environments

I can easily define the environments I want in my lab — what I want the learner to be exposed to and for how long. 

Instant Feedback

I can create an instant feedback experience for the learner by running check scripts. This way, we can also check the quality of our course and see how learners are progressing.


  • Reaching a milestone of 1,000 certified within three months with amazing learner feedback
  • Developer Advocates achieve their goals to educate the community on new technologies
  • Happy sales teams with the training and certification
  • Growing brand awareness

The future

Instruqt will improve Codefresh's whole customer journey and employee onboarding

Different departments at Codefresh have many ideas on how to use Instruqt to improve the customer journey and even onboard their employees. “Our customer support team thinks it’s a great idea to use Instruqt to educate customers. Other departments in Codefresh also want to use Instruqt for onboarding our new employees.” 

The certification course is a great hit on the marketing side right now, so much so that the Codefresh team plans to create part two. So currently, that’s their primary focus — to grow their certification curriculum.

Competitors even see the value of the GitOps Argo CD course. A huge company in the same tech space as Codefresh (the name will remain anonymous) uses Codefresh’s certification to onboard new employees. 

Kostis sees this as an outstanding achievement because it is simple for everyone at Codefresh to love their certification course. But for another company in the same tech space, to see the value of the GitOps Argo CD course and use it to train their employees is jaw-droppingly amazing. 

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