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Level Up Your Demos and Training with Instant Cloud Accounts

Boost product adoption by making your demos and training more realistic with on-demand cloud accounts. Instruqt enables you to get temporary access to an entire cloud account on any of the major cloud providers: AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.
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How does it work

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Instant Provisioning
Instruqt automatically creates a cloud account with the required configurations and resources tailored to the training scenario upon accessing a specific lab or training module.
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Seamless Termination
Once the training or demo session is completed or reaches its predetermined time limit, Instruqt terminates the disposable cloud account, guaranteeing that no resources are unnecessarily consumed beyond the necessary timeframe.
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Temporary Accessibility
Learners are granted temporary access to their dedicated cloud account, which typically remains active for the duration of the training session or demo. This ensures that resources are available precisely when needed.
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Zero Impact on Production Environments
The temporary cloud accounts are entirely isolated from production environments, preventing any accidental impact or unintended changes to live systems.



Minimize cloud costs by only provisioning temporary cloud accounts for the duration of training or demos. There's no need to maintain a constant, long-term cloud presence, reducing expenses significantly.

Security and Isolation

Learners can practice in a sandboxed environment that isolates training resources from critical production systems. This isolation-free experimentation ensures that no accidental mistakes in the demo and training affect live operations.

Rapid Onboarding

Learners can dive into training modules without complex manual setup or credential sharing. This speeds up the onboarding process and allows users to focus on the content sans the setup headaches.


Since accounts are disposable, there's no need to manage or maintain accounts after the demo or training. This streamlines administrative tasks and ensures a clean environment for each subsequent session.

Real-World Scenarios

The ability to work in cloud accounts similar to real-world applications enhances the practical applicability of training, helping learners grasp concepts faster and prepare better for real IT challenges.

John Boero
Partner Solutions Engineer at HashiCorp

“Instruqt offers a single place to show customers a proof of concept or a full-blown educational lab without needing to manually manage cloud credentials.”