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Take Our Customers' Word For It

G2 rating 5 stars
Nps Score
Using Instruqt for live workshops, demos, and self-paced learning helps us actively engage with prospects much earlier in the buying cycle—giving us an edge in winning more deals.
Idit Levine
These labs have been gamechanger for Red Hat, our clients, and our partners!
J. Cortez
‍Business and Technology Strategist
Puppet's customer education department is reaping the benefits of switching from home-grown labs to Instruqt. We've increased productivity while having the numbers and facts to show the impact of customer training on engagement.
Alex Williamson
‍Principal Training Solutions Engineer
Instruqt avoids....problems completely by offering a cloud-native way to launch sandbox environments on demand. You can use these environments for product demos, employee onboarding, customer scenarios, or even certifications/training.
Kostis Kapelonis
‍Senior Developer Advocate
Instruqt powers our engaging Kubernetes learning platform with hands-on labs that resonate with developers. It contributes to our community efforts and strengthens our sales strategy in the emerging Kubernetes market.
Tom Leyden
VP Marketing
MongoDB trains a large number of developers worldwide each year. Learning is a key enabler for product adoption, and Instruqt helps us make developer education seamless.
Raghu Viswanathan
VP of Education, Academia, and Documentation

What You Get

  • Real-time access to multicloud
  • Ready-to-use templated environments
  • Managed per-user cloud accounts
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities
  • Live and self-paced tools
  • Easy-to-use embed code
  • "Hot start" functionality
  • Insightful reporting and analytics
  • Bring your own cloud (BYOC)
  • SOC2 & SOC3 certification
Instruqt Dashboard
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    Real-time access to multicloud
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    Ready-to-use templated environments
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    Managed per-user cloud accounts
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    Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities
  • Check icon
    Live and self-paced tools
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    Easy-to-use embed code
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    "Hot start" functionality
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    Insightful reporting and analytics
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    Bring your own cloud (BYOC)
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    SOC2 & SOC3 certification
Instruqt Features
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    Dedicated CSM
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    Guided onboarding
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    24/5 support channel via Slack
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    Content creation best practices
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    Deployment assistance
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    Real-time billing and consumption data
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    Quarterly success reviews
Instruqt Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Instruqt offer a free trial?

Yes, we do. If you want to start a free trial, tell us your needs, and we’ll create an account for you.

What are the use cases of Instruqt?

From demos to training, Instruqt is the secret to immersive education, engaging events and workshops, and effective go-to-market execution. Instruqt’s intuitive web interface makes it simple to create repeatable and scalable content. Technical educators maximize learning in both live and self-led setups—increasing product knowledge and engagement, saving hours of setup time, and decreasing customer churn. Go-to-market teams generate more qualified leads and close deals faster by immersing, not just showing—boosting conversion rates, shortening sales cycles, and saving hours in demo and POC setup time.

What makes Instruqt different?

Instruqt's flexibility and reliability help meet the demands of complex products that require additional context, integrations, and/or data to show value. Learning by doing is ingrained into the platform, leading to better outcomes. Instruqt's customer success team works closely with you to maximize impact and achieve your goals. Whether you're a content creator or a learner, you'll find Instruqt intuitive and easy to use. The product experience will give you the confidence to integrate Instruqt across training, workshops, and go-to-market.


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