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Our values
Be Humble

Our product is the sidekick that makes other products look good. We know how to make others shine. We must be willing to share the limelight and remember that no one does anything on their own. We need each other.

We are comfortable admitting when we don’t know something, and we know how to ask for help.
We know that the essential thing is growth and learning, not being right.

Be Open

We work with honesty and integrity.
We don’t hide who we are; we embrace ourselves and others, faults and all.

When we make mistakes, we own up to them. We don’t finger-point; we problem-solve.
We accept that we all have things to learn and are open to feedback.

When we have something to say, we say it, we don’t mince words. When someone has something to say, we listen.

Take Charge

We are the guides who help people learn, we don’t sit around waiting for others to tell us what to do. We take charge, and we use our passion and energy to drive ourselves and each other to reach the next level.

If we don’t like something, we fix it, we don’t moan about it. If we see an opportunity, we grab it. If we fall, we get up and try again. Nothing stops us, no challenge is too big, no barrier too tough.

Grow at lightspeed

We are a small company filled with star players. We want to be the best. We are hungry, ambitious and driven.

It is everyone’s responsibility to grow the company and themselves at light speed. If you see an opportunity - reach for it, if you have an idea - go for it. If you are not improving or growing you are not trying hard enough. Make mistakes, learn from them, fix them.

Don’t let anything hold you back from trying. Get out of your comfort zone, collaborate with your peers and together - keep raising the bar. Let’s make this a hypergrowth company everyone wants to work for.

people who work at instruqt
Why we work here?

We believe that everyone should be able to explore and experiment with new technology in a fun, interactive way. We’re solving that with Instruqt; by building the next-generation Virtual IT labs where everyone can experience new technologies right from their browser.

Companies like HashiCorp, Puppet, RedHat, and Google have found this approach highly effective. They have created content on Instruqt to help the adoption of technologies like Kubernetes, Terraform, Cloud Run, among others.

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