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 What is Instruqt?
Instruqt is a hands-on virtual IT lab platform that replicates the complex application of your software. You can create product tutorials, demos, and training using real-world scenarios, infrastructure, and technology. Its browser-based solution takes away the hassle with firewalls, and configuring laptops or VMs.
Will Instruqt work with my technology?
Instruqt supports anything that runs on a container, virtual machine, Kubernetes cluster, or cloud account.
How much does Instruqt cost?
With a small monthly subscription fee, you gain access to all of our features. In addition, you only pay for what you use, calculated by the total time users spend on your tracks each month. Thanks to our tiered system, the more you use, the less you pay.
Why don’t I just build my own solution in the cloud?
Cloud accounts need constant maintenance and are a security risk. Why burden your teams with building and maintaining custom demo and training infrastructure when they can focus on creating great content? With Instruqt, you can start creating amazing content immediately. All users need is a web browser to access your content.
 Is Instruqt a Learning Management System (LMS)?
LMS facilitates the storage, delivery, and tracking of learning content. While Instruqt offers these features, we go a step further to enable you to create hands-on labs to educate and onboard people of your technology in a live sandbox. The common use cases include demos, training, and POCs.

Instruqt enables you to create frictionless hands-on demos and training without the heavy-lifting

Increase in conversion rate from lead to pipeline
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Hours saved setting up demo and learning environments
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See why companies like Red Hat, HashiCorp, and MongoDB use Instruqt to build hands-on demos and training to grow demand and revenue.