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Puppet offers frictionless hands-on learning to nurture users into champions

Building tracks in Instruqt has helped us create compelling hands-on labs that enable our customers and prospects to build confidence using Puppet that they can take back to their daily jobs.


Puppet by Perforce DevOps Solutions

Puppet by Perforce delivers great software that promises peace of mind and time. Scale infrastructure automation the right way so your team can innovate rapidly. With Puppet, you can find anomalies at scale, take pre-defined action to fix them, report the correction, and predict future events.

As an industry leader in DevOps solutions, Puppet is driven to empower fearless and open innovation by helping enterprises modernize, manage, and bring into compliance their hybrid infrastructure through continuous automation.

Helping people get the most out of Puppet technologies

The technical education team at Puppet by Perforce uses Instruqt to create compelling education and enablement content that helps Puppet customers, partners, and employees get the most out of Puppet products.


The Puppet Technical Education team need a way to educate and help people get started with Puppet automation right away and immediately see value from their investment.

In past, the solution engineering team had build their own lab technology for learning content. However it was unreliable, not scalable and hard to maintain.


Puppet uses Instruqt to create and share their Puppet Practice Labs. These labs are designed to help people learn how to automate more of their infrastructure, scale with confidence and reduce toil, empowering their workforce to innovate. When looking at Instruqt, Puppet had similar requirements.

Offers the best user experience

First and foremost, as a customer-centric organization, we needed a solution to provide our customers with the best possible user experience. We found that with Instruqt. Like I keep saying, it makes it super easy for our customers to access hands-on, browser-based, step-by-step tutorials in minutes.

No download, no installation, no setup required

Universal accessibility is one of Instruqt’s biggest selling points. Log into a Puppet Practice Lab, click the learn has access to all the tools and instructions they need to run the tutorial. Learners don’t have to download anything. They don’t have to pay anything. They don’t have to show up at a specific time. The Puppet Practice Labs are available anytime, anywhere.

Easy content creation

The user experience is fantastic. That was very important to us when we were looking for a partner to work with to create the labs. Creating content in Instruqt is extremely easy, and it’s accessible by everyone on our team, which is key because we have a pretty small team, and there’s a lot of demand for content. As a result, we wanted a tool that was easy to use for everyone in the group.

Extremely good customer service

When learning to use Instruqt, the Instruqt team was able to help us overcome obstacles or roadblocks. Instruqt also provided customer service. They are quick to answer questions and are open to our feature requests. While they don’t always give us everything we want, they listen.


The Puppet Practice Labs are hands-on, self-paced, always accessible browser-based tutorials. Also they’re free, so learners can learn how to use Puppet products as quickly and easily as possible.

Building Puppet champions with free educational content

Our team’s mission is to create Puppet champions. Puppet champions are people who feel confident about their ability to use and scale Puppet. These tutorials are completely free. Our customers can get to know Puppet Enterprise without having to download it and within minutes can start learning.

Removing barriers to learning

The goal really has been to remove as many barriers as possible to learning so that the education team can help people get the most from the Puppet products.

As a company, they're driven to empower fearless and open innovation. They want people to feel confident about their abilities to automate so they can spend less time doing the tedious and more time doing the innovative work that will move the company forward. To do this, they're continually investing in making education more accessible to the community.

Creating a gateway to all things educational

The education team has created Puppet Compass, the place where customers and the community can find the resources they need to get up to speed on all of our products as quickly as possible.

Everybody wins

We have a very positive working relationship with Instruqt. Our customers win with an easy-to-use, hands-on learning environment, and for us, it’s been just an effortless experience for creating the content and getting the help to launch this new learning format to our customers. Everybody wins.

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