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F5 NGINX Boosts Product Marketing Success with Instruqt


- F5 NGINX's success story with Instruqt showcases how this platform revolutionized their product marketing and training efforts. 

- With Instruqt's help, F5 NGINX efficiently provides hands-on education, engages their community, and aims to see their products widely adopted. 

- Instruqt's flexibility, scalability, and ease of use have become integral to F5 NGINX's marketing strategy, helping them achieve their educational and marketing goals with ease.

Customer story F5 NGINX

Meet Jenn Gile, the Head of Product Marketing for NGINX, part of F5. Jenn's role revolves around marketing NGINX and educating the community about their products.

NGINX, a widely-used web server and reverse proxy, plays a crucial role in serving and securing a significant portion of the internet. Jenn faced challenges in providing hands-on, scalable, and engaging training environments for their users. That's where Instruqt came into the picture.

The Challenge

Before adopting Instruqt, NGINX's training and education efforts were hindered by manual processes. Creating lab environments, managing logins, and troubleshooting issues consumed valuable time and resources. Additionally, NGINX needed a solution that catered to users both new to Kubernetes and those ready to experiment.

Discovering Instruqt

Jenn discovered Instruqt through a recommendation, and it instantly caught her attention. She was looking for a platform that allowed them to create scalable lab environments without the hassle of manual setup. Instruqt's cloud-native compatibility aligned perfectly with NGINX's needs.

The Solution

Instruqt proved to be the ideal solution for NGINX, offering several key benefits:

Quick Setup: Instruqt allowed NGINX to set up demos and labs rapidly, reducing the time spent on technical setup.

Self-Serve Capability: NGINX appreciated the self-service aspect of Instruqt. They could build their labs without requiring extensive support, but when needed, Instruqt's support team was readily available.

Engagement and Measurement: Instruqt's feature of breaking labs into digestible components or challenges allowed NGINX to track participant progress effectively. They could identify where participants excelled or struggled, providing valuable insights.

Flexibility: Jenn highlighted the ease with which they could modify lab guides using tools like Sublime. This flexibility allowed NGINX to keep their content up-to-date and relevant.

Accessibility: Instruqt's web-based platform eliminated the need for users to download or install software, simplifying the learning process.

Results and Benefits

NGINX experienced a range of benefits after integrating Instruqt into their training and marketing efforts:

Increased Participation: NGINX noted higher engagement during webinars and workshops. Participants were actively involved and engaged in hands-on learning.

Enhanced Education: NGINX's focus on education led to greater community engagement. As users learned more, they engaged more, which aligned perfectly with their marketing goals.

Efficiency and Scalability: Instruqt's platform allowed NGINX to efficiently scale their hands-on training efforts, eliminating the time-consuming manual setup.

Future Goals

NGINX aims to see wider adoption of their products, particularly NGINX Open Source, both within and outside Kubernetes environments. They plan to continue using Instruqt as part of their major events, ensuring that users can easily access hands-on training.


Jenn suggests that organizations looking to derive value from Instruqt should involve two types of individuals in their efforts:

- Instructional/Technical Writer: People skilled in creating clear lab guides or instructions are essential to ensuring a valuable learning experience.

- Technical Backend Expert: Those who can build the technical backend to complement the instructions, ensuring that the lab functions seamlessly.

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