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Redpanda Enhances Product Education Curriculum with Instruqt’s Self-Led Learning Tracks [Video]

Discover how Christina Lin, Director of Developer Advocacy at Redpanda, enhances product education by organizing disparate content into self-led learning tracks with Instruqt.

Redpanda is a simple, powerful, and cost-efficient streaming data platform written in C++ compatible with Kafka APIs. The company offers Redpanda University, which includes learning content in the form of courses, documentation, blogs, and a Slack community.

Based in San Francisco, California, Redpanda’s customers include companies like Cisco, Vodafone, Moody’s, Lacework, Texas Instruments, and LiveRamp.

  • Challenge - Redpanda found their existing learning content disconnected, needing more engagement, and missing essential instructions, resulting in a less favorable and easy-to-abandon experience for learners. They sought a new way to frictionlessly deliver product education to build brand awareness of their technology.
  • Solution - The team turned to Instruqt for its ability to deliver hands-on, guided, and self–led on-demand training in a preconfigured environment that also offers visibility into user data and behavior. Redpanda likens its curriculum to what you would find in a university course, where a learning path begins with foundational content like how to get started and transitions into more intermediate, deep-dive content as the course progresses. 
  • Results - Redpanda offers free, self-paced training on streaming data fundamentals using Instruqt both online at their Redpanda University and in-person at workshops and events. They’ve received positive feedback from learners about the cohesive content design and the ability to consume the material at their own pace and within their schedule.

Check out Redpanda University here.

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