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Red Hat Creates Product Champions through Open-Source, Hands-on Labs Built with Instruqt [Video]

Uncover how Natale Vinto, Developer Advocate Lead at Red Hat, creates product champions through open-source, interactive labs built with Instruqt.

Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of enterprise open-source solutions, using a community-powered approach to deliver high-performing Linux, hybrid cloud, edge, and Kubernetes technologies.

Headquartered in Raleigh, North California, Red Hat partners with the largest public cloud providers, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, and its customers include enterprises like Verizon, Zoom, Vodafone, and Siemens.

  • Challenge - Red Hat’s culture emphasizes transparency and open source, so they searched for a solution where anyone can learn about their products and technologies, like OpenShift and Quarkus, at their own pace and without needing to set up complex environments. 
  • Solution - The team created step-by-step, interactive, self-led labs designed for hands-on practitioners that range from five minutes to one hour. With Instruqt’s detailed real-time reporting, Red Hat can easily monitor each learning track’s usage, popularity, and rank to determine which content resonates with learners and which tracks may need optimization. 
  • Results - Red Hat has seen success on key metrics like how many labs are started and completed, track ratings, completion rates, and, ultimately, product trials.

Check out Red Hat’s interactive labs here.

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