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Fullstaq Engages Learners in Instructor-led Training with Instruqt’s Hands-on Challenges [Video]

Discover how Fabian Met, Co-founder and CTO of Fullstaq, engages learners in instructor-led training with Instruqt’s hands-on challenges and tracks.

Fullstaq is a fast-growing cloud-native IT services company that helps startups and enterprises realize their Kubernetes ambitions. The company specializes in Linux, DevOps, DataOps, Kubernetes, observability, cloud, and cloud-native and is entirely infrastructure-independent. In July 2023, Fullstaq joined The Digital Neighborhood, a community of tech companies focused on Microsoft AI and cloud.

Based in Utrecht, The Netherlands, Fullstaq’s customers include LeasePlan, Jumbo Supermarkten, ASML, and Fontem Ventures.

  • Challenge - Fullstaq searched for a solution that could deliver instructor-led training that allows students to learn by completing challenges to boost engagement and retention. 
  • Solution - The cloud-native IT services company found and selected Instruqt because of its ease of setup and scalability, ability to create challenges, and the option to design learning tracks. 
  • Results - With Instruqt, Fullstaq saw significant time savings from not having to prepare an environment and ensuring each student had the correct access before each class. Students have provided feedback that the hands-on training is enjoyable and more educational because of the hands-on tasks.

Check out Fullsaq’s Kubernetes Training here.

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