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Hands-On Success: Elevating Conference Workshops with Instruqt

Instruqt helps me deliver a fantastic interactive learning experience at my workshops — live and virtual. It’s amazing to see attendees excited during my workshops. Even when there were 400+ attendees in the room!

Imagine the thrill of stepping onto the stage at KubeCon, ready to deliver an electrifying live workshop that promises hands-on excitement and learning. That's exactly what Abby Bangser, a principal engineer, was gearing up for as she prepared to deliver a workshop to a tech-savvy audience. 

Abby Bangser, a principal engineer at Syntasso, understands the complexities of platform engineering. She articulated how Kratix simplifies the journey for platform engineers, making it less like an alphabet soup and more like a structured framework. With a mission to bridge the gap between developer experience and platform engineering, Abby set out to introduce Kratix's capabilities to the tech community.

Instruqt quickly emerged as the ideal platform to bring tech enthusiasts into the world of Kratix. Abby's excitement about Instruqt was palpable as she prepared to use it for the first time at Kubecon. The platform's ability to recreate a local development environment within a web-based interface stood out as a game-changer. Participants could use familiar tools like VS Code and a console to experiment, all without worrying about OS compatibility or complex setup procedures.

Abby emphasized the importance of low barriers to entry. While videos can spark interest, they often lead to frustration when viewers encounter installation roadblocks. In contrast, Instruqt's hands-on approach empowers participants to dive right into the practical aspects of a topic, eliminating the entry barriers that often hinder progress.

When asked about her experience with Instruqt, Abby didn't hold back her praise. She highlighted the quick onboarding process and the excellent support from the Instruqt community via Slack. Her workshop became a resounding success, attracting a diverse audience. Application developers, architects, and others from different backgrounds found value in the self-paced, collaborative learning environment Instruqt provided.

The success of Abby's workshop is a testament to Instruqt's ability to engage tech audiences effectively. Instruqt transcends traditional tech education methods by offering a hands-on experience that empowers learners and eliminates barriers to entry. 

Instruqt offers immense business value by offering tech companies seeking to engage with tech audiences through hands-on learning. The platform's ease of use, accessibility, and effectiveness in diverse educational settings make it a powerful tool for tech-driven knowledge sharing.

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