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Isovalent grows enterprise demand and accelerates the sales process with Instruqt

Learn how Isovalent makes use of Instruqt hands-on labs to reduce the friction in the sales cycle and accelerate enterprise customer's decision-making.

Key results

Grow Enterprise Demand

Reduce friction in the sales cycle and accelerate enterprise customers’ decision-making with hands-on labs that showcase enterprise features.

Sell more with less
By leveraging Instruqt hands-on labs, the sales teams are able to run the entire hands-on workshops.  It reduces the sales engineering involvement with workshops. 

Faster team onboarding 
Having staff complete hands-on learning during onboarding greatly accelerates their ability to contribute sooner and more effectively.

"Instruqt is essential to our marketing and pre-sales activities. It provides the best way to show the value of our deeply technical product to our customers and prospects in a hands-on, interactive way."
Roland Wolters, Head of Technical Marketing at Isovalent

Isovalent - eBPF-based networking, security, and observability

Isovalent, founded by the creators of Cilium and co-maintainers of eBPF, builds open-source software and enterprise solutions for cloud-native service connectivity, security, and observability. Cilium is the choice of leading global organizations, including Adobe, AWS, Bell Canada, Capital One, Datadog, Google, and many more. Isovalent is a globally distributed company with headquarters in both Cupertino (United States) and Zurich (Switzerland) and is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Google, Cisco, M12 (Microsoft's Venture Fund), and Grafana Labs. To learn more, visit or follow @isovalent.


Isovalent’s main product is Isovalent Cilium Enterprise.  Cilium Enterprise provides advanced security and networking capabilities for Kubernetes and cloud-native infrastructure. This is a highly technical, advanced use case catering to an audience of Kubernetes experts like platform engineers, operators, and security operators.

The Challenge

Isovalent’s audience is technical and often owns or strongly influences the buying decision. At the same time, reaching them from a marketing perspective is very difficult.  Typical, high-level content is usually not interesting to them.  Isovalent’s challenge is engaging with such an audience - let alone sign up for anything!

The Solution

Using Instruqt, Isovalent, offers its audience a direct hands-on experience with its product. From general overviews to special features, prospects and customers can quickly get “their hands dirty” with actual environments. 

Using their labs, their audience feels right at home and is much more likely to reach out to the sales teams afterward. At the same time, given that the technical buyers know the value and effort put into proper hands-on labs, they are more likely to sign-up for labs in general.

Why Instruqt

The Isovalent team has plenty of experience with other solutions, including running its own automated hands-on learning platform. However, running things themselves quickly became a full-time job, leaving little time for showing the actual benefits and value of their product in the labs themselves, thus missing the entire point. With other vendors, members of the Isovalent team had troublesome experiences with limited features and unsatisfying support experiences.

Instruqt offered Isovalent a ready-to-use platform with an unrivaled support experience, allowing them to concentrate almost exclusively on showing our product value to customers and prospects.

Established a sales funnel using labs built on Instruqt

The Isovalent team has established a funnel of labs, starting at OSS labs and leading to Enterprise feature labs. Everyone running those Enterprise labs is regarded as a strong signal, highly likely transforming that account to a SQL (if demographics check, of course). They have seen strong interest in the labs since they launched in 2022.  The lab usage doubled in Q2 2023 compared with the last quarter. 

Impactful Hands-on Workshops Integrated into Marketing Campaigns

Isovalent Security Summer School

Introduced Role-based Learning Journeys for target audiences

Isovalent role-based learning journeys

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