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Through Instruqt, is paving the way to success for thousands of ambitious users looking to sharpen their skills on our products. We couldn't be happier with this empowering platform!

Overview is the leading end-to-end on-premises, DevOps toolchain orchestration, and reporting platform. The software is designed for complex enterprises with complex pipelines. Customers use solutions such as XL Deploy and XL Release to simplify their DevOps Processes. A one-stop solution for enterprises to connect all DevOps tools, manage their interactions, and create a data hub for reporting.


Moving to a Scalable Global Option

As the company grew, trainers were sent worldwide to give classroom training to IT teams in leading enterprises. At the time, XebiaLabs trainers would offer their product training to be run on virtual machines, distributed via USB sticks. Customers would have to install the virtual machines on their corporate laptop.

The routine of running customer training on virtual machines was tiresome. Either their customers’ corporate laptops would block VirtualBox from running the virtual machine, or other technical difficulties would occur, such as not being able to install Java. Just setting up the customers’ corporate laptops for the training took up about two or three hours, which did not add any value. In 2018 Ben Hählen, Director of Customer Success, was approached by Instruqt about a new way of customer training.


Virtual Instructor-Led or Self-Paced Training

Instruqt offers a powerful browser-based IT learning platform with personal sandbox environments. Allowing Customer Success teams to transform their classroom training to high quality virtual instructor-led or self-paced training.

High-Quality Training with Instant Feedback

XebiaLabs is determined to continue offering high-quality customer training. XebiaLabs uses Instruqt to accelerate customer learning with interactive, hands-on learning that allows the user to learn by doing on real technology.

Bite-Sized Learning

By using Instruqt, XebiaLabs can provide bite-sized training that fits the busy schedules of their customers. Each customers gets to learn and do stuff in their lab environment. The courses are driven by the instructions their users need to follow.

Instant Results

By using Instruqt to build hands-on challenge-driven customer training, XebiaLabs was able to transform their on-site training either to Virtual Instructor-led Training or Self-Case depending on the customers’ needs.

  • 97% decrease in setup time
  • 100% reduced friction with browser based training
  • 93% average customer retention rate
  • 100% customer satisfaction
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