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Replicated ramps up PreSales productivity with self-service demos

Instruqt delivers powerful cost and time savings - eliminating weeks of setup for multiple VMs and drastically reducing administrative overhead! It's truly been a game changer so far.


Replicated’s mission is a desire to modernize the ‘old’ data delivery methods of the past by providing vendors an easy and painless process for deploying their applications into any customer environment, including ‘legacy’ and on-prem.

My name is Chuck D’Antonio, and I lead the solutions engineering team at Replicated. We specialize in helping customers who offer software in a SaaS model or those modernizing their applications for Kubernetes deployment. Our goal is to assist them in managing the complexities of distributing, entitlement, and cluster maintenance. From the initial discussions to seeing our customers successfully use our software in their environments, my team is deeply engaged throughout the process.

Earlier this year, we decided to explore ways to improve our customer training and streamline the self-service experience. Historically, teaching our software vendors how to use our platform required significant setup, including provisioning Kubernetes clusters and shell environments. Given the multitude of features our software offers, we needed a more efficient way to showcase them in bite-sized, accessible portions.

That's when we discovered Instruqt. It has been a game-changer for us. With Instruqt, we can set up automation for various tasks and scenarios, creating tracks that allow our users to interact with our software and the Kubernetes environment effortlessly. Instead of maintaining complex infrastructure for weeks, we now provide users with 45-minute Instruqt sandboxes that cater to their specific needs. The cost savings and reduced administrative overhead have been nothing short of fantastic.

The feedback from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive. They appreciate the ease of use and the ability to dive into specific features without the hassle of lengthy setup processes. One of our existing customers who experienced both our previous approach and the Instruqt-based training noted how smooth and enjoyable the new method was. It was a big win for us, especially since it was our first time using Instruqt with such a large group.

But our journey with Instruqt doesn't stop at customer training. We've integrated it into our sales process, creating a pivotal stage between early discovery and the proof of value. This intermediate step, which we call "the line," focuses on aligning our customers' understanding of our technology through hands-on labs powered by Instruqt. This approach has allowed us to answer specific questions, educate our users, and tailor our proof of value to their unique requirements.

The impact of Instruqt is far-reaching within our organization. Various teams are exploring its potential in different contexts. We're considering embedding Instruqt tracks in our website, leveraging it for support enablement, and using it to generate insights and contacts in Salesforce. Furthermore, Instruqt has helped us identify key players within our customer organizations who weren't initially part of the conversation, enriching our understanding of their needs.

Previously, it took hours to set up and maintain sandbox environments for multiple users, and we often had to guess whether they were actively engaged. Instruqt has transformed this process. We now receive immediate signals of user activity, allowing us to focus our valuable time on those who are genuinely excited and ready to engage with our software.

In summary, Instruqt has not only improved our customer training and sales processes but has also opened up new possibilities for our organization. It has made us more efficient, provided valuable insights, and enhanced the overall customer experience. As a sales engineer, I can confidently say that Instruqt has helped us make the most of our precious time, ensuring that we engage with the right customers at the right time. It's been a perfect fit for us, and we're excited about the future possibilities it offers.

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