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Replicated Streamlines Pre-Sales Process Through Engaging Self-Service Product Demos Using Instruqt [Video]

Uncover how Chuck D’Antonio, Director of Solutions Engineering at Replicated, increased cost savings and reduced administrative overhead with self-service product demos with Instruqt.

Replicated is the modern way to deliver and manage multi-prem software. The company gives software vendors a container-based platform for quickly deploying cloud-native applications inside customers'​ environments to provide greater security and control. Replicated's solutions engineering team assists customers in managing distributing, entitlement, and cluster maintenance complexities.

Replicated is headquartered in West Hollywood, California, and its customers include HashiCorp, BigID, Explo, Docker, and SmartBear. 

  • Challenge - Replicated explored ways to improve customer training and streamline the self-service experience. Historically, teaching their software vendors how to use the platform required significant setup, including provisioning Kubernetes clusters and shell environments. Given the multitude of features their software offers, the team needed a more efficient way to showcase them in bite-sized, accessible portions.
  • Solution - With Instruqt, the team set up automation for various tasks and scenarios, creating tracks that allow learners to interact with their software and the Kubernetes environment effortlessly. Instead of maintaining complex infrastructure for weeks, Replicated now provides users with 45-minute Instruqt sandboxes catering to their needs. 
  • Results - Replicated saw significant cost savings and reduced administrative overhead by turning to Instruqt to enhance product demos. Feedback from their customers has been overwhelmingly positive, especially regarding the ease of use and the ability to dive into specific features without the hassle of lengthy setup processes.

The team has integrated the hands-on labs into their sales process, creating a pivotal stage between early discovery and the proof of concept to better answer specific questions, educate users, and tailor their value proposition to each prospect's unique requirements. 

Check out Replicated’s hands-on labs here.

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