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Humanitec shortens the sales cycle by 40% with Instruqt

Instruqt is a game-changer. Humanitec shortens the sales cycle by 40% by using Instruqt. By offering an amazing full-featured POV experience, we are able to wow buyers and build trust.

Key Results

  • Increase conversions and shorten sales cycles by 40%
  • Close 45% of Q4 deals faster than before
  • Save sales engineers hundreds of hours to build costly POC  environments
“Time kills deals. Instruqt helps us shorten the sales cycle by 40% by allowing us to create an amazing POV experience. Turning opportunities into customers in a snap. Using Instruqt is like having a secret sales playbook!

— Kaspar Von Grünberg, CEO & Co-Founder, Humanitec

Humanitec – The Platform Orchestrator at the core of your Internal Developer Platform

Platform engineering is revolutionizing how enterprises build and run their cloud-native setups. And Humanitec is the core of this revolution.

Humanitec’s Platform Orchestrator is the engine at the heart of a dynamic IDP. It lets platform teams, from growing startups to enterprises, remove bottlenecks by letting them build golden paths for developers. With a dynamic Internal Developer Platform, developers self-serve the tech they need to deploy and operate their apps, driving productivity and velocity.

Building dynamic IDPs used to be complex and very expensive. It required significant budgets, talent, and time. Humanitec makes this process much easier and more efficient while keeping platform teams and developers flexible.

The Challenge: Time kills deals

It's all about speed when it comes to selling. Setting up proofs-of-concept was incredibly time-consuming for our buyers to experience what we offer. It can take up to hundreds of hours! Besides, we have seen further delays in the process as many companies, especially those in financial services, have strict regulations that need careful compliance before any product can connect with their infrastructure.

The Solution: Wow buyers and build trust with full-featured POVs

We use Instruqt to run POVs. That means we can run a condensed version of POCs to quickly show our prospects precisely what it's like to interact with our product. From there, we can have very valuable and concrete conversations about adding value to them. In addition, as it is conducted in a more controlled environment, it reduces the time to set up extensive environmental settings.

Instruqt is a game-changer, enabling us to close almost half of our Q4 deals in 2022.” Kaspar Von Grünberg, CEO & Co-Founder, Humanitec

The Outcomes: Accelerate deals velocity and win faster

So we're seeing that when we can do these quick POVs, spin them up really fast, people immediately go, oh, let's do a pilot lighthouse project. It's small, but we're going to try with one team. It helps us qualify them quickly, and it helps us get them going faster. So it accelerates sales. 

With the conversations surrounding POVs, we get a deeper understanding of our buyers. It helps us identify the best value propositions to move the opportunities forward. By making it concrete to buyers, we can discuss what's missing—enabling us to close our deals much faster than before. So when buyers come on board, we can have more context about where we need to spend some more time. Or what we need to add in our documentation on. 

During the sales process, we can look at their Instruqt usage. It enriches our sales conversation because I know that they've seen the product in action and interacted with it. We can then ask them specific questions about our product. 

Besides helping us move our opportunities forward faster, Instruqt also helps us boost adoption among existing customers. It helps us improve their product knowledge and their usage of the platform. It's handy that we can use Instruqt features as an LMS.

The Future: Demand Gen and Customer Onboarding

Humanitec enhances developer self-service capabilities, by giving the ability to deploy workloads with all dependencies to all environments, with a single workload specification.. Instruqt allows us to show developers quickly how Humanitec unblocks them in their day to day work while they can stick to their existing workflows. And that's powerful. We are planning to use Instruqt broadly for self-service, free trial, and large-scale training to onboard customers. 

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