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Instruqt excels in reliability and scalability, making it a lifesaver for launching sessions with hundreds of users. No need for expensive engineer debugging or environment provisioning. With Instruqt, you get great value

Jim Barton, a dedicated field engineer at  Jim relies on Instruqt to empower his workshops and presentations, ensuring that his audience experiences the highest level of value and engagement.

Jim's journey with Instruqt began after realizing the limitations of their previous workshop platform. It was cumbersome, unreliable, and required extensive manual effort. But all these challenges vanished when Instruqt entered the picture.

The primary problem Instruqt solved for was unreliability. They needed a platform their engineers and users could depend on without worrying about technical glitches during critical workshops. Instruqt rose to the occasion, becoming a rock-solid, dependable solution.

Instruqt stood out for Jim and for two compelling reasons. First, its unwavering reliability set it apart from the competition. They could now confidently host interactive workshops without any fear of technical hiccups disrupting the user experience.

Second, Instruqt's authoring capabilities made it incredibly easy for to create engaging content. As a company that values infrastructure as code, Instruqt's repeatable techniques streamlined their content creation process.

Jim paints a vivid picture of Instruqt's unmatched reliability with a real-life example. At a global technology conference, had 250 attendees in the room and another 150 participating remotely. Instruqt handled the load effortlessly, engaging users seamlessly. Attendees were actively participating, going through exercises, and fully immersed in the experience. Instruqt's reliability made it a worry-free solution for, setting them apart from other vendors struggling with technical difficulties.

Jim's confidence in Instruqt is unwavering. He recalls delivering a workshop in Spain, facing an audience of 400 people, both in-person and remote. The peace of mind he gained from Instruqt's stability allowed him to focus on delivering a top-notch workshop without the nagging concern of infrastructure stability.

In conclusion, Jim Barton's success story with Instruqt by showcases how this platform has revolutionized's approach to workshops and presentations. With Instruqt's reliability and user-friendly authoring capabilities, has solidified its position as a leader in application networking. Instruqt has become an invaluable tool, allowing to deliver exceptional value to their audience while eliminating the stress of technical uncertainties.

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