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You and your prospects are busy, so you need reliable lab environments to save time and speed up sales cycles. Instruqt has you covered.

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The Problem

Sales demos and POC’s are burdensome and time-consuming to create but are critical for closing deals. 

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Your plate is extremely full, yet you have to make time to help close deals.

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Your static sales demos and POV’s are not engaging.

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Videos and demos simulate your product but fail to provide prospects with a hands-on, authentic experience.

Meet Instruqt

The growth-focused virtual IT lab. We empower sales engineers to deliver stunning product experiences at scale. 

Showcase the value
of your software

The more a prospect understands your software, the easier they will recognize its value. Instrqut empowers you to showcase the value of your software through interactive virtual IT labs.

Unlock creativity
with our sandbox

Developers don’t want to be sold to, they want to deeply explore your software. Our sandbox environments provide a creative space for developer learning that encourages discovery and experimentation. Learn, break, create – devs an do it all within our browser-based sandbox.

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“I have never seen better practice labs
than @Instruqt 😍”
“The hands-on component tops it  all.”
“Clear & concise excellent hands-on tutorials 🤩”
“Great content AND live exercises!!!
Can’t get any better than this.”
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Offer live workshops at scale without the stress

No more worrying about the stability of your live workshops. Whether for 5 learners or 500, Instruqt-powered workshops can handle the task.  Create impactful live workshops that dazzle users and generate demand for your software.

Our results speak for themselves

Close more deals and free up your time.


Increase in conversions and shortened sales cycles


of deals closed faster than before


Saved hours of setting up costly POC environments

Kaspar Von Grünberg
CEO & Co-Founder, Humanitec

Time kills deals. Instruqt helps us shorten the sales cycle by 40% by allowing us to create an amazing POV experience. Turning opportunities into customers in a snap. Using Instruqt is like having a secret sales playbook!

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