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Drive hands-on education of customers, partners, and employees with instructor-led or self-paced training in Instruqt.

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How it works

With a few clicks of your mouse, you can easily connect your product to the Instruqt platform.
Personalize onboarding experience at scale. Guide customers to value with task-based assignments.
Embed live classes or self-paced training on your website or LMS or share it with an invitation link.

Product Training Doesn't Have to be Boring

Scale education
Train employees, customers, and partners in one platform with the same hands-on content.
Boost retention
Make education stickier with learning by doing that helps users retain knowledge.
Accelerate adoption
Real-time validation provides instant feedback and speeds up learning.
Learn Fast and Break Things

The best way to learn a new application is hands-on.  Instruqt’s sandbox environments provide an easy and accessible introduction to a new application. Your users can easily build it, and break it, in a controlled environment. And receive hints if they are stuck.

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Real-World Context in a Browser

Help users learn how to use your application in their real-world context. Spin up a ready-to-use environment preloaded with all the tools and instructions to run a tutorial. Users can practice anytime, anywhere from their browser.

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Efficiently Scale Learning Content

Whether it’s self-paced learning or instructor-led training, you can easily create content in Instruqt. Leave the complexity of setting up and tearing down technical environments to us. Instead, you can focus on creating the best product experience.

Measure What Matters & Demonstrate Success

Training teams are frequently challenged by measuring the ROI of their activities. Webhooks and integrations connect your content in Instruqt with your LMS and CRM. Measure the impact of your training on improved product usage, customer value, and ultimately renewals and revenue.

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Greg Larkin
Senior Principal Training Solutions Engineer

Discover how Puppet created product champions by enhancing and scaling their learning content with self-paced Puppet Practice Labs powered by Instruqt.

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