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The Problem

Technical users run into many hurdles before they can unlock value.

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You require a heavy lift to get up and running with your tools.

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Your product is like a blank canvas . The empty states delay time to value.

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Documentations can’t keep up with product updates, leaving users frustrated.

Meet Instruqt

The hands-on virtual IT lab for interactive learning. We transform customer education into a true enabler for product adoption.

Offer developers a frictionless experience

Learning should not be a chore. Offer every user a pre-configured, cloud-based training environment accessible from any browser. With Instruqt, your learning solutions are always a few clicks away.  No more hassle with firewalls, configuring laptops, or VMs. Engineers can practice anytime, anywhere, on their browsers.

Immersive learning
leads to mastery

Experimentation is the cornerstone of learning. Instruqt sandbox offers a safe zone of learning that encourages discovery and experimentation. Users can easily build and break in a controlled environment. If they are stuck, they can receive hints to assist them. Instruqt allows learners to test their assumptions, make mistakes, and discover new possibilities.

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“I have never seen better practice labs
than @Instruqt 😍”
“The hands-on component tops it  all.”
“Clear & concise excellent hands-on tutorials 🤩”
“Great content AND live exercises!!!
Can’t get any better than this.”
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Build confidence with
real-world applications

There is no shortcut to experience. Help engineers learn how to use your application in their real-world context. Spin up a ready-to-use environment that mirrors your customer’s tech stacks. When their experience is built on the foundation of hands-on learning, they are more likely to apply what they've learned in real-life situations.

Our results speak for themselves

Level up your training.


Increase in workshop engagement


Gained more visibility into the learning journey


Saved hours of setting up costly learning environments

mongo db
Raghu Viswanathan
VP of Education, Academia, and Documentation at MongoDB

MongoDB trains a large number of developers worldwide each year. Learning is a key enabler for product adoption, and Instruqt helps us make developer education seamless.

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