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Harness Builds a Product Certification Program with Instruqt’s Hands-on Labs [Video]

In this video, we chat with Ravi Lachhman, Senior Manager of Product Education about how they utilize Instruqt labs for certifications at Harness.

Harness aims to enable every software engineering team worldwide to deliver code reliably, efficiently, and quickly to their users. The platform helps companies accelerate cloud initiatives, adopt containers and orchestration tools like Kubernetes and Amazon ECS, and simplify software delivery.

The company launched in San Francisco in 2017 and has over 500 customers worldwide, including VMware, United Airlines, Capital One, and Jobvite.  

  • Challenge - Harness needed a solution to create a highly technical product certification program, as part of Harness University, in an effort to save the time and resources instead of building a homegrown solution.
  • Solution - The company chose Instruqt because of its flexibility in setup and customization, low barrier to entry for learners, and hands-on learning approach. Harness University aims to help its learners build, advance, and certify their Harness expertise through instructor-led training, self-led training, and a certification exam, all created with Instruqt.
  • Results - Harness received positive feedback from customers who love the ability to send their employees for training and onboarding with the platform and that learners find the experience enjoyable.

Check out Harness University here.

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