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Increase engagement with an easy-to-read sidebar

The experience of your learners and content creators on our platform should always be easy and joyful. I’m excited to share three new cool and improved features we’ve shipped recently. Make sure to read through until the end because it contains a peek into what’s coming up in 2022!

Sidebar content is now expandable and collapsible

update sidebar

We know that learner experience goes hand in hand with learner engagement. While it is essential to guide your learners, they often feel overwhelmed by the amount of content displayed in the sidebar. Good news! Now you can create expandable/collapsable content on the sidebar. 

You can easily add sections to your existing content by using the following syntax:

<Name Section>

In addition, we’ve updated the markdown styling to improve the readability of the sidebar content.

👉   See how to set up documentation 

Simplify content creation with new Instruqt CLI config format

update cliconfig format

Besides learner experience, we’ve also improved the content creation experience. One common feedback on our CLI is that the track.yml file is hard to manage. As one large file is hard to maintain and nested markdown is difficult to edit, we’ve shipped a new version of the track configuration format (v3). This version splits the track.yml into a separate markdown file per challenge. 

Some of the key benefits of the new config format are:

  • Editor support for challenge markdown
  • No need to maintain a single large track.yml file
  • Easier to reorder challenges

To upgrade your local track configuration to the new format, run:

> instruqt track upgrade

👉   Learn more view documentation 

Easily organize and share your media files

update assets library

Media files are an essential part of your content items. With the new release of the CLI, it is possible to host track assets (i.e., images and videos) on the Instruqt platform. That makes it easier for you to share across the team and maintain consistency. 

Get started by adding an assets folder to your track directory:

├── assets
│ ├── image.png
│ └── video.mp4
├── config.yml
└── track.yml

And reference assets from markdown:

Hello there, assets! ![Image Description](../assets/image.png)


- type: video
url: ../assets/video.mp4

👉   Learn more view documentation

What can you expect in 2022?

Before I go, as we kick off the new year, I am excited to share an outline of our 2022 product roadmap:

  • We’ll take our sandbox technology to the next level to support more platforms, operating systems, and technologies in a scalable way. For starters, we will introduce native Windows support.
  • A complete redesign of the platform and the implementation of a gamification mechanism to stimulate and drive learner engagement.
  • New user reports to provide our customers with actionable insights into how users interact with their products to drive pipeline and upsell.


Instruqt offers software companies an easy to deploy and scalable platform to showcase their software on real technology, real environment. Software companies can easily create the desired scenarios to articulate the values of their products and accelerate the time-to-value. 

Get our customer stories on how Instruqt helps them accelerate lead generation, acquisition, activation, and growth with hands-on experiences that bring their products to life.

Michael Meier
Head of Product

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