Reach Developers at Scale With Hands-on Labs in Your Training Academy

What is the secret to a scalable and sustainable marketing strategy? Creating educational content that adds value to your target audience. Build hands-on product training engineers love on Instruqt. 

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How it works

With a few clicks of your mouse, you can easily connect your product to the Instruqt platform.
Tell your product story and show a real installation. Guide prospects to value with task-based assignments.
Embed your demos, product tours on your website or share it with prospects using an invitation link.

Drive Brand Visibility and Product Demand with Compelling Hands-on Product Education

Build Product Champions
Instruqt makes learning how to apply your product  incredibly easy. Build product champions with real-world scenarios. Your learners will feel confident about their ability to use and scale your technology.
Zero Set-up
Experience universal accessibility. With Instruqt spinning up your environment, all your learners need to do is log in and click to start. The tracks are preloaded with all of the tools and instructions learners need to run the tutorial. 
Seamless Integration
With Instruqt, your learners can tackle challenges and show off their skills. Plus, we integrate seamlessly with your LMS and digital certification system. Recognize the accomplishments of your learners, and watch your business grow.

Reach Your Target Audience Faster Than Ever Before

Ready to build your product academy?

Let us elevate your marketing strategy by powering your education portal with hands-on learning that developers love.

See how Instruqt works