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Launching Live Events — a home base for workshops and training


What makes live events great? Magic happens when your attendees are super engaged and can connect with the host. That’s why we’re launching Instruqt Live Events to make your events more impactful for your business.

Many of you already use Instruqt for training. With this new capability, we’re taking it a step further – by enabling you to monitor progress and support attendees in real-time.

Highlights of the Live Event Dashboard:

  • Manage events from start to finish
  • Follow how the group and each attendee are doing at a glance
  • Over-the-shoulder access (inspect) lets you troubleshoot attendees when they need some extra TLC  

Here’s a video on how to create your first Live Event 

“Instruqt helps me deliver a fantastic interactive learning experience at my workshops — both live and virtual. It’s an amazing feeling when I see my attendees engaged and excited during my workshops. With Instruqt, even when there were 400+ attendees in the room, I had their attention!


As a workshop host, the new dashboard feature gives me a good attendee overview. I know how my attendees are progressing and can help them in real-time. Now I can stay focused and keep up the good energy from the beginning to the end of a workshop.”


Abby Bangser, Principal Engineer at Syntasso

Why you’ll love to run your live events on Instruqt

  • Tell your product story and grow your pipeline with a platform you can trust.
  • Make your workshops fun with hands-on learning. 
  • Fire up a ready-to-use workshop environment with the click of a button, and it simply works! 
  • Engage and support your attendees in real-time.
  • Set attendees up for success with the guidance they need to learn your products easily.

Ready to power up your live events?

Get stronger engagement and higher conversions, and accelerate your sales pipeline with Instruqt hands-on virtual IT labs.

Follow us on YouTube to stay up-to-date on our feature releases.


Can I download an overview of attendees’ activities?

Yes, it is possible to download the activity report as CSV after the event. This data can also be pulled through our GraphQL API.

If I have multiple instructors for one session, will every instructor get a view of the learners separately?

Each instructor can view his/her live event dashboard, as long as they have the content creator or team owner role.

Do I need to clean up the sandboxes after an event?

Automatic clean-up, once the event is over, helps you control costs and ensure security.

Can I integrate Instruqt with my LMS and CRM? 

You can easily identify your leads and biggest opportunities by integrating Instruqt with your LMS and CRM.

Jules Holleboom
Product owner at Instruqt

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