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Increase productivity with new creator studio

Our product team has a collective goal to make things easier for our users to create effective hands-on labs for lead generation, sales enablement, or customer training. So last month, we launched embed. With embedding, your hands-on labs can surface seamlessly on website, documentation, or LMS. If you missed it, you could read all about it here.

We’re not slowing down even during the summer. This month we’ve got new cool and improved features to share. Read on.

What changed

In this release, you will find new and improved features that will make content creation more simple and easy. In addition, there are a few improvements that will help free up your time from tedious tasks.

A New Creator Studio

Content sprawl kills productivity. The new creator studio is the home to all your tracks. As a content creator, you can easily find, sort, filter, and delete the tracks you have created on Instruqt.

New Feature: Creator Studio

An improved content creation wizard

In addition to using the CLI, you can now easily create your hands-on labs using the web UI. That means users who are less proficient with coding can create high-quality labs on Instruqt in a breeze. The best part is that you don’t need to start from scratch! Instead, use any of the available templates as the basis and build your own.

Furthermore, you can even copy an existing track, save it as a new track and tweak it to showcase another scenario or use case. This way, you can speed up content creation, especially if you want to customize and personalize your tracks.

New Feature: Content Creation Wizard

Downloadable track progress report

We have made it easier to analyze the progress of your users. You can now easily download a CSV report of your user’s individual progress on claimed invites.

Downloadable track progress report

An improved  user profile page

You can now update your name, password, and profile picture with an improved user profile page. If you do not have a profile picture, your avatar is created from the initials of your name.

An improved user profile page

A new place to announce updates

We know that sending the product update announcement to our users is most effective when they are on the platform. And that’s why we have added an in-app notification. On the upper-right corner of the platform, you’ll find an eye-catching widget. It’s marked in red whenever a new announcement is available. You can even provide us with your feedback right there.

Once again, our ultimate goal is to provide a smooth user experience while our users create a friction-free product experience to drive the adoption and usage of their software. That’s it for this month. We’ll be back next month to share even more great new features.

A new place to announce updates

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Michael Meier
Head of Product

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