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Embed hands-on Labs into your website, documentation or LMS


Nothing beats hands-on experience in the live environment when it comes to product adoption. And now, you can embed your hands-on labs ANYWHERE with an easy-to-use embed code and offer your audience the same user interface and features on the Instruqt platform. People can access your labs from within your website, documentation, or LMS.  

With embedding, your hands-on labs become more accessible. You’ve got the power to reach a wider audience and increase engagement. This is communication without boundaries!

Here’s an example of how an embedded hands-on lab would look on a web page.

Puppet Practice Labs

Embeddable Hands-on Labs that help you sell more, market your software and training better

Marketing: Get more out of your product tours

Engage more customers, convert more leads and move prospects through the funnel faster with self-service test drives on your website. Easily integrate with your CRM to track how your prospects interact with your product. Then, notify your sales team when it’s time to reach out.

Sales: Close more deals with shareable demos

Sell smarter with demo catalogs that track your prospects’ usage and engagement. Once your demo finishes, share (via a landing page or a direct link) with your prospects. Enable your champions to sell internally. And the best part is, you can integrate with your CRM and track the engagement to forecast and plan your sales deals. 

Customer Training: Offer Hands-on Labs within your LMS

Take your customer education up a notch. How? Provision a virtual hands-on lab environment in real-time as part of your onboarding or training curriculum in your chosen LMS. Integrate the activity-based insights with your LMS and track your customers’ progress.

How does embed work?

You can embed your tracks on your own page in an iframe or link to a track in the kiosk mode. Kiosk mode is a direct link to a full-screen version of the embed.

Here’s the embed experience using an example of our test drive. We created this lab based on Red Hat’s use case using Instruqt to generate more leads with self-service demos.

Configure Embed

  1. To embed a Track. Click on embed in the header menu of your track page
  2. Configure your embed by adding a list of challenges to the start screen of the embed. If you update your embed configuration, the code snippet changes. 
  3. Select the preferred embed option: Kiosk Mode or Iframe.
  4. Copy your embed code snippet or Url.
  5. In case you have chosen to embed your track as an I-frame. Customize the embed size by changing the Width and Height of the code snippet.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I fully integrate embedding into my LMS?

Copy and paste the embed code of your track into the course creation component in your LMS. Use our webhooks and API  to report back on the activity of your users to gain insight into their progress and usage.

Can I also embed private tracks?

Yes, you can also embed private tracks. 

Does it require any coding to embed?

We have written the code for you so all you have to do is copy the code from your track and paste it into your website editor or LMS.

Michael Meier
Head of Product

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