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New webhook integrations: easily connect real-time, event-based data in the virtual IT labs to the growth stacks and LMS

At Instruqt, we’re laser-focused on helping software companies create product experiences that motivate their buyers and customers to take action that drives adoption and usage. That’s why we’re announcing webhook support for our platform. Using webhooks, you can easily integrate Instruqt with your growth stacks and LMS by subscribing to events in the labs. These events allow you to get real-time insights based on the activity of your users and your sandboxes. 

For revenue teams at software companies, dealing with business applications that do not talk to each other is frustrating. And worst of all, they run the risk of missing out on opportunities and revenue. Whether you’re in marketing, sales, or customer education, your success is dependent on acting quickly, decisively—and preferably automatically, on any business event.

integrate hands on virtual labs with your growth stacks and lms with webhooks


Unlock reality to drive growth at the speed of business

Instruqt webhooks offer our customers a new source of competitive advantage by turning real-time, event-based data to accelerate revenue growth. 

✅   Increase productivity and efficiency: revenue teams can build their automated workflow using real-time, event-based insights of their users/prospects and sandboxes.

✅   Make better-informed decisions: organizing and actioning user insights made easy by connecting with your CRM/Marketing Automation (such as Marketo, HubSpot, Salesforce) and LMS (such as Skilljar).

✅   Trigger real-time notifications: create notifications when a sandbox is created, claimed by a user, and cleaned.

Marketing: Get more insights into the value of a lead

Better qualify leads based on engagement, frequency of consuming your content in the labs. By connecting Instruqt with your CRM/Marketing Automation such as Marketo, HubSpot, or Salesforce, you can design a seamless workflow to capture and nurture leads from your website or product workshops. What’s more, you can trigger lead notification to sales for timely follow-up.

Sales: Gain visibility into your target accounts

Sell smarter with demo catalogs that track your prospects’ usage and engagement. Enable your champions to sell internally with a shareable demo. Webhook integration shines a light on how your prospects interact with your demo so that sales can drive the right action at the right time without leaving their CRM. 

Customer education: Easily track learner progress 

Provision a virtual hands-on lab environment in real-time as part of your onboarding or training curriculum in your chosen LMS, e.g., Skilljar, LearnDash. Integrate the activity-based insights with your LMS and track the progress of your learners, employees, or partners. In addition, you can collect feedback on your labs right into your LMS, measure content usage to enhance your learning offerings. 

Sell more, market, and train better with extraordinary visibility and insights using webhooks

Just like any other business application, your virtual IT labs are part of the ecosystem. Revenue teams continuously face challenges to collect, enrich and correlate data across disparate sources in their growth stacks. With Instruqt Webhooks, we offer a more seamless inter-product experience to help make our customers’ jobs effective and their customers’ experience more pleasant. Furthermore, the data integration via webhooks delivers more thorough data analysis, accurate reporting, and ultimately better business decision-making.

Learn more about how to set up webhooks on Instruqt – see the documentation


Q: What are webhooks?

A: Webhooks are a way to sync up and connect web applications to communicate with each other. They are useful when you need to send real-time data from one application to another. In addition, Webhooks help you save time because they let you integrate most of the apps you currently use on different platforms without having any extra effort or hassle!

Q: How do webhooks differ from GraphQL APIs?

A: Webhooks and GraphQL APIs both allow software systems to sync up and share information. GraphQL APIs offer a pull-based integration, meaning you will have to ask for new data continuously. Webhooks provide a push-based integration, where you will be notified of any changes. If you prefer to use our GraphQL API, learn more from our documentation here.

Q: What kind of events do you track with Instruqt webhooks?

A: Instruqt allows you to set up webhooks for workflow and job completion events of your track learners or your sandboxes. These event triggers are based on activities when each has started, finished, either successfully or unsuccessfully. Read on for the details from our documentation here

Q: How does GDPR affect webhook events?

A: The Instruqt platform can store PII data when plays are linked to an identifiable person (i.e., a non-anonymous user). However, we will not send out any Personally identifiable information (PII) through our webhook events. Instead, when the user has given consent, we make that data available through our GraphQL API. To retrieve that information, you can use the information in the webhook event (e.g., invite ID) combined with our GraphQL API.

Michael Meier
Head of Product

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