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Have you ever wished to spin up Kubernetes in a minute? Now you can

Let’s be honest about Kubernetes. Using it is easy. But setting up Kubernetes is a whole different story because of its complexity. You have to be an expert to set up Kubernetes, and even then, it can take hours to create a working environment. Far from ideal when you want to introduce your software or train people to learn about your technology. Because they first need to wade through an instructional swamp to set up Kubernetes before they can work with your software.

So, you hope they last, but you would understand if they drop out.

Your worst nightmare

Imagine that prospect you have been working on for weeks finally bites: “Okay, I want to try your software and set up a proof of concept.” Your heart jumps when you hear these words, but your prospect isn’t finished yet: “The proof of concept needs to be done in Kubernetes, but that won’t be a problem, would it?”

Oh, no, not Kubernetes, bangs through your head. Please, let me misunderstand. But you didn’t. Well, maybe there is an escape. So you suggest: “Does your IT department have experience with Kubernetes?” The prospect checks and gets back to you: “Yes, they do, but they are on a team-building retreat. So, I have to do it myself.” You bow your head. The only thing you can do is send the megabytes of Kubernetes setup instructions and hope for the best.

“I will let you know,” are the prospect’s last words. The next day you send an email to follow up. And the day after, you leave a voicemail. But it stays silent. A doomsday feeling starts creeping in, and a few weeks later, you get the message that the prospect has chosen your competitor.

is there a one minute solution for kubernetes?

The one-minute Kubernetes on-demand solution

“Your competitor works with Instruqt,” says your former prospect, “And these guys can spin up Kubernetes on-demand in only a minute. Really awesome.” You shake your head in disbelief. This can’t be true.

One minute with Instruqt

But, indeed, it is true. Instruqt will only take you one minute to spin up Kubernetes. So, you will never lose a prospect again due to Kubernetes setup times.

Furthermore, your learners will love the on-demand Kubernetes working environment where they can play around. And when they are done, the environment is simply destroyed. And if they want to play again, Kubernetes is set up again in no time. Are you still doubting if this really can be true? Then listen to what Sr. Developer Advocate Kostis Kapelonis from Codefresh says about this.

Even works on a basic laptop

Okay, but how does Instruqt do this? This might be your next question. Instruqt is an online virtual IT lab that sets sandbox environments where your learners, customers, and prospects can play and work with your software.

Instruqt works fully online, even on a basic laptop. And Instruqt has already set up templates for everyday sandbox environments like Kubernetes for you. So all the hard work is done, and your learners, customers, and prospects just spin up Kubernetes on-demand and go.

Want to see this for yourself?

Read my next blog on How to spin up Kubernetes on-demand with the Instruqt one-minute way to see this for yourself. Installing Kubernetes with Instruqt will take you less time than reading this post!

Check out this Kubernetes track and see how easy it is to install Kubernetes applications on the Instruqt platform.

Furthermore, you can take a free test drive with Instruqt and see what else you can do with Instruqt.

Tieme Woldman
Tieme is the technical writer at Instruqt. He loves to combine technical writing and development. Once upon a time, he started as a developer but became one of those rare developers who love writing documentation. His motto: If I can't explain it, I don't understand it well enough.

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