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How to spin up Kubernetes on-demand with the Instruqt one-minute way

Okay, now it’s time to fulfill the one-minute promise. Get ready to spin up Kubernetes on-demand, taking only a few steps. But first, let’s have some background about Instruqt, so you know what Instruqt is about.

The Instruqt environment

Instruqt is a hands-on virtual IT Lab Platform where learning and selling collide. Virtual IT labs provide learners with hands-on sandbox environments. In which they can learn about products and technology.

Instruqt instantiates a running version of your software in a protected lab environment like Kubernetes. With the lab environment, you can create product tutorials, demos, and training with Instruqt using real-world scenarios, infrastructure, and technology. Because Instruqt is a browser-based solution, Instruqt takes away the hassle out of firewalls, configuring laptops, or virtual machines.


Here is an example of a Kubernetes on-demand experience

You can embed your Kubernetes on-demand environments on any web page or send people directly to a full-screen experience, click here to experience the full-screen mode.


Instruqt’s essential parts: sandboxes, tracks, and challenges



A sandbox is a self-contained environment created using actual products to match real-world scenarios. Learners can access these sandboxes using only a web browser. And with these sandboxes, learners can experiment and learn without setting up anything themselves and worrying about breaking things.

Tracks and challenges

A track is a series of challenges that a learner has to solve. Where a challenge is a task the learner has to do. It all comes down to this:

instruqt tracks and challenges


Create an online Kubernetes working environment

So much for the background. Now let’s see how to create an Instruqt track that spins up Kubernetes on-demand:


1.We’ll start with creating a new track in Instruqt and choosing the Kubernetes template:

create an online kubernetes working environment


2. After clicking Create, Instruqt creates the track. And when done, all you have to do is select the newly created Kubernetes based track and start it:

automated kubernetes infrastructure


Oh, sorry, there is only one thing left for you to do: Lean back and watch how Instruqt spins up Kubernetes on-demand and shows this magic prompt where you have Kubernetes at your disposal:

kubernetes on demand in one minute


And this is it. Kubernetes on-demand in one minute.

What’s next?

You can take a test drive with Instruqt and see what else you can do with Instruqt. Or request a live demo. Or head over to the Instruqt documentation if you want to discover more on the Instruqt templates.

Tieme Woldman
Tieme is the technical writer at Instruqt. He loves to combine technical writing and development. Once upon a time, he started as a developer but became one of those rare developers who love writing documentation. His motto: If I can't explain it, I don't understand it well enough.

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