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Avoid Losing Prospects, Time, and Money with a Flexible Virtual IT Labs Like Instruqt

So you’re considering implementing a virtual IT lab to demonstrate your software to prospects and expect all of your problems across operating systems and platforms to be over? Eh, not so fast. The success of your virtual IT lab will depend heavily on its flexibility. Below I will illustrate the importance of flexibility when deploying a virtual IT lab, and how Instruqt can help you avoid losing prospects, time, and money.

Your Prospects Ask For More Than a Restricted Virtual It Lab Offers

Let’s look at a typical virtual IT lab implementation scenario. You have developed an awesome product, users love it, and you want to expand your market. So you enable prospects to download your product and take a test drive. 


But then your support people get flooded with questions due to different operating systems and versions. What works under Ubuntu version x.x doesn’t work under version x.y, and what works under Mac OS doesn’t work the same under Windows.

And with sorrow, you see your prospects dropping out. What’s next? You arrange a crisis meeting where a smart IT pro comes up with a virtual IT lab. One where every prospect test drives your software in the same and controlled environment. No more operating systems issues. So you say in unison: ‘Let’s implement this yesterday.’ And all your problems are solved.


Well, in the beginning, yes. But then your support people get flooded again. Now with questions like:

  • Can I use Kubernetes with your software?
  • Can I use AWS S3 storage with your software?
  • Can I connect to SalesForce from your software?
  • Can I run a webserver and access it from your software?
  • Can I integrate Skilljar with your software?
  • Can I connect to a remote database from your software?

And chances are your support people have to say no to every question. Because you implemented a virtual IT lab that runs your software in isolation and not a virtual IT lab that also supports connecting to the rest of your prospect’s world.

Avoid Losing Prospects, Time, and Money by Implementing a Flexible Virtual It Lab

So your prospects start dropping out again. Another crisis is brewing on the horizon. Because your virtual IT lab is too restricted, and this time you don’t need a smart IT pro to tell you the solution: I need a flexible virtual IT lab.

You might be kicking yourself because you didn’t think of this initially, which would have prevented you from losing prospects, time, and money. But don’t be too hard on yourself. Because how can you possibly know what requests your prospects will come up with?

The honest answer: you can’t. 

At least not on your own. 

But with our experience, you can. 

Because we hear and know all the requests our customers’ prospects. And we implement these requests into our virtual IT lab right away. Because flexibility is the key to your success. Plus, we scan any new development prospects might need and add them before prospects can come up with them on their own.

Instruqt integrations

So, don’t make the mistakes colleagues and competitors made before you. Don’t rush into a restricted virtual IT lab with which you lose prospects, time, and money. Instead, use our experience and implement a flexible virtual IT lab like Instruqt that anticipates the prospects’ needs. With Instruqt, you always stay ahead in your market. And your software becomes your growth machine.

Your prospects will love it. And your support people as well.

Want to see this for yourself? Take a test drive with Instruqt and see what true flexibility looks like. And how effective it is.

Tieme Woldman
Tieme is the technical writer at Instruqt. He loves to combine technical writing and development. Once upon a time, he started as a developer but became one of those rare developers who love writing documentation. His motto: If I can't explain it, I don't understand it well enough.

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