It’s Not You; It’s Your Demos

Sales teams are working too hard to win deals. Unburden yourself and increase your win rate by creating interactive, leave-behind demos that transform prospects into champions.

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How it works

With a few clicks of your mouse, you can easily connect your product to the Instruqt platform.
Create a compelling demo with storytelling and show a real installation. Customize by injecting the right data and context.
Help champions evaluate and sell internally with shareable demos using an invitation link or embed on your website.

Sales Use Cases

Spin Up Demos With Ease
Instruqt makes creating personalized demos so easy and fast, even a sales rep can do it.
Leave Behind Demos
Once you’ve transformed your prospect into a champion, leave behind your demo that they can easily share with stakeholders in their organization.
Proof of Concept
Park your hard sell. Instead, let your product do the selling.
Spin-up Demo Environment in Seconds

Your technology demo should be stood up and ready to go in minutes. Adding new features is as simple as copy and pasting. With Instruqt, you can show up to your meetings and be demo ready every time.

Embed Content Anywhere

Create an always-on-demand engine. Embed your demos and training on the website with an easy-to-use embed code. Reach a wider audience. Increase engagement.

Shareable by Default

Easily share content with external users by generating access links. These magical links enable your demo to be easily left behind and shared with stakeholders in your prospect’s organization.

Browser-based Environments

No time-consuming set-up, no tech-heavy configurations, and no downloads. Your users only need a browser to gain access to your product.

Featured Customer Story

Founder and CEO

Instruqt is a game-changer. Humanitec shortens the sales cycle by 40% by using Instruqt. By offering an amazing full-featured POV experience, we are able to wow buyers and build trust.

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