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Fuel Growth and Increase Customer Engagement

Hands-on experience is the future for software sales. Make it easy to try out your products today.

Build Hands-on Product Tours, Self-Service Demos, and Tutorials

Why marketing teams love Instruqt?

Browser-based sandbox

Fuel demand by removing the barrier to your product. Easy to distribute and consume hands-on tutorials and demos.

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Use case driven scenarios

Showcase the power of your product with guided tasks. Use guardrails to ensure consistent messaging.

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Live metrics and insights

Learn how customers are interacting with your product, where they are most excited. Turn engagement into revenue. 

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Engage, Energize, and Educate

Customers want to try before they buy. Help them quickly familiarize themselves with your product in a pre-configured environment on your site without any setup.

    Turn prospects into product-qualified leads

    Create content that speeds buying process

    Use interactive workshops to delight attendees


Attract, nurture, and convert

Generate demand

Help prospects experience the value of your product.

  Interactive product tours to boost traffic

  Use context to showcase real use cases

  Design strong product narratives

Generate leads

Make your product your #1 lead magnet!

  Embed guided product demos

  Make guided scenarios for easy POV

  Generate product-qualified leads

Scale workshops and events

Transform your workshops and product launches into fun experiences.

  Scale workshops across the globe

  Guide users to value with gamification

  Track and get insights to lead behavior

Design hands-on workshops

Seamless integration, secure and supported.

Works with All Technologies

AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Linux, Windows, Docker, Kubernetes, and all major technologies.


Role Based Access Control (RBAC), easy invite system, and member management.

GDPR Friendly

Grow your business while safeguarding data subject rights. Ensure accountability at all levels.

Customer First

Dedicated customer success and support. Community slack channel for support and knowledge sharing.

Customer stories

Fast growing software companies trust Instruqt

We spent many hours trying to get this right with our homegrown solution when we could have been building content. With these features in place, we were able to rapidly roll out new cloud-enabled tracks with relative ease, keeping cost control and security at the forefront.

Ben Hahlen

Roger Berlind

Senior Solutions Engineering,

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Experience the new way of selling. See how Instruqt can power your lead generation.

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What is Instruqt?

Instruqt is a hands-on virtual IT labs platform that replicates the complex application of your software. You can create product tutorials, demos, and training using real-world scenarios, infrastructure, and technology. Its browser-based solution takes away the hassle with firewalls, configuring laptops or VMs.

How is Instruqt different from other hands-on labs in the market?

One key feature that customers love about Instruqt is validation. It makes it easy to know how much your users are learning and their current level of knowledge. When users check off an answer, you can give them feedback every time they get something right or wrong with interactive hints if needed.

How can I use Instruqt for product storytelling?

To highlight the values of your software, you need to provide the context.

Instruqt is a platform that enables you to get your customers engaged while guiding them on an informative path. You can design narratives and immersive experiences to speak specifically to target audiences and get people excited about what they’re hearing!

What business outcomes can I drive using Instruqt?

For Marketing – fuel demand, increase engagement, and shorten the sales cycle.

For Sales – increase deal speed and win rates with tangible demos and improve sales productivity.

For Customer Success – boost product usage, scale resources, retain and grow customers at scale. 

For Sales Enablementturn performers into top sellers, and bring new hires up to speed in record time.

For Partner Enablement – equip channel partners with the resources and knowledge they need to be successful.

What are the use cases of Instruqt?

The possibilities to leverage Instruqt for lead gen, sales enablement, and customer training are endless. The common use cases include: 

  • Self-paced tutorials
  • Virtual instructor-led training
  • Demos and POCs
  • Workshops and events
  • Customer and partner onboarding
  • Internal training
  • Knowledge sharing
Is Instruqt a Learning Management System (LMS)?

Instruqt is a hands-on virtual IT lab with LMS features and more.

The primary difference is that Instruqt enables you to create a learning environment that mimics your software with our sandboxes: 

  • Showcase product capabilities using interactive tutorials 
  • Customize scenarios for your target audience 
  • Train customers through dynamic challenges 
  • Build personalized courses where exercises progressively get more complex over time


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Fuel Growth and Increase Customer Engagement.