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Product marketing doesnā€™t have to be hard. Transform your Ā demos, product tours, and tutorials into self-led, interactive, and customized experiences that will drive lead generation and fill your sales funnel with product-qualified leads.

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How it works

With a few clicks of your mouse, you can easily connect your product to the Instruqt platform.
Tell your product story and show a real installation. Guide prospects to value with task-based assignments.
Embed your demos, product tours on your website or share it with prospects using an invitation link.

Marketing & Demand Generation Use Cases

Grow Product Awareness
Instruqt fuels demand by removing barriers to your product. Watch product awareness grow as more users interact with your software.
Generate Demand for Your Product
Showcase the power of your product with self-service demos and guided tasks that leaves your prospects begging for more.
Build Trust in Your Product
Give your buyers the confidence to choose your technology. As they learn more about the value of your product, their trust in your brand will grow.
Embed Content Anywhere

Create an always-on-demand engine. Embed your demos and training on the website with an easy-to-use embed code. Reach a wider audience. Increase engagement.

Shareable by Default

Easily share content with external users by generating magic access links.

No Workshops are Too Big for Instruqt

Burst mode supports increases in demand without any lead-time planning. You can add any number of users at any time you like.

Guided Experience

Let your buyers experience your product 24/7 without getting lost, even for complex technical products.

Featured Customer Story

Kasten by Veeam
VP Marketing

We've crafted an interactive platform to empower everyone to learn Kubernetes. Giving back to our community helps spread education and is an effective sales strategy!

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