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Why traditional learning doesn’t cut it anymore: 4 principles you need to steal from instruqt CTO

Do you feel like you are in a race with technology? Once you’ve learned a new tool, an even better one rises up? Then you know the struggle, the need to keep up with industry trends and tools at work is overwhelming. The traditional ways of classroom learning are no longer suitable to stay relevant in the current tech environment. The pressure to have the relevant skills in the tech community is no longer just a notion. We conducted a survey, asking 324 members of the tech community if they feel that they could be doing better at their job. Nearly 90% said yes. About 37% predict their current skill set will not be relevant within a year. The demand to do more is huge. The barrier of refreshing your skills is high.

Yet the number of hours in a week remains the same. So how can you cope with the fast-changing tech environment?  Adé Mochtar, our CTO, co-founder, and IT architect master, also recognizes this problem. Recently he gave a talk at Dutch Data Science Week, a great event where leading data scientists gathered in Amsterdam to discuss the impact of data science and AI on society. There he shared his views on the future of learning. He believes the tech community is experiencing:

A pace of innovation that is ever increasing; new technology and tools are being created daily. Who has time for a week-long classroom training for every new piece of technology? The content becomes outdated quickly, and training structures are too centralized.

In the lightning talk, he shares four learning principles he believes will help the tech community cope and be better prepared for the future: 

  1. Learning needs to be available on demand, at the moment you need it, not only when planned. 
  2. Everyone has different skill sets; share them with your community to gain expertise.
  3. Share your skill sets with your community to gain expertise. By teaching others, your competency will continue to grow.
  4. Help each other develop new skills; learning is done better together.

Let’s start working together to create a sustainable learning environment where knowledge is openly shared and collaboration is encouraged. The tech community needs to work together in order to keep up with new technology and industry trends.

Instruqt — Changing the face of IT learning

So we think this digital consultant can be a game-changer. A new way of learning, a new way of providing value to clients and providing value to those professionals that, by the way, are having to learn everything again. A scalable learning model for organization-wide transformations. We’ve put together is an online modern, learn by doing, challenge-driven gamification platform. Changing the game for your IT professionals and your teams.

Proudly a part of the Xebia Group

What is Dutch Data Science Week?

Data scientists, generalists, and enthusiasts gather in Amsterdam to discuss data science in connection to the business sector, sustainability, education, health, and the future. Powered by GoDataDriven and SaS, Dutch Data Science Week provided everyone — from data scientists to business leaders — a great forum for inspiration, knowledge exchange, and action. Dutch Data Science Week gives participants the chance to learn and implement new smart solutions to social challenges.    Get started with instruqt! Check out our platform — refresh your skills in a Kubernetes, Knative, Kafka, and Python. instruqt is here to support you in your learning journey.   Proudly a part of Xebia!   Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash


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