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Customize your track invitees’ learning experience

Whether you are creating content for self-paced tutorials or perhaps instructor-led training, it’s important to create a seamless, distraction-free experience for your learners. A great way to start is by utilizing the track invite feature. 

A track invite is a link to your track that you share among the intended learners. Customers who use this feature for sharing courses and classrooms can expect to see higher completion rates and engagement from learners. 

Let’s walk through some of the changes we’ve made to the learner experience once they receive a track invite.

A fully branded landing page for your selected tracks  

First, your learners are now provided with a branded journey from the moment they open an invite link. They are brought to a dedicated, branded landing page for each invite. The learner sees your branding and knows they are exactly where they need to be in order to start working on tracks. The branding on this page is based on your team name, logo, and background image/color set in the team banner on your content. 

Guide learners through your content with a defined track order

Content creators utilizing the track invite feature will now be able to define the order of tracks. Simply select the order you wish the learner to follow when creating your track invite! Now, it’s crystal clear where to start and which track to complete next after they receive an invite link. Provide even more context and guidance by setting a public-facing title and description for each invite.

Learners will easily find your invites in their Study Room

Lastly, it should be easy for learners to find and consume your content! To help with this, tracks are now grouped by invites using branded cards in their study room. Less confusion and frustration means more focus on your content and trust in your brand.

Want to experience the new Study Room as a learner? Follow this demo invite link.

Thank you for reading through our latest update. 

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Jules Holleboom
Product owner at Instruqt

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