Why Instruqt?

At Instruqt, we understand that IT engineers learn best by doing. That’s why we use gamification and micro-learning to propel an interactive learning engagement on our platform. Better yet, we deploy real-world scenarios using real technology and infrastructure. 

Discover New Approaches to IT Learning

Upskilling IT teams effectively, at scale and in an affordable way requires fresh approaches. Instruqt combines a state of the art learning platform with premium content powered by Xebia Consultants.

What sets us apart

Premium Content Powered By Industry Leaders

Pioneers in implementing modern data platforms like Hadoop.

World-class software engineers and data munchers (with many PhDs).

The first Cloudera partner outside of the US.

100+ certified cloud specialists
AWS Advanced Most Innovative Partner

Authorized Training Partner for GCP, AWS, Alibaba Cloud

A leader in cloud-native development. Expertise in Vue.js, Scala, Java 9, Golang, Lean UX and Agile.
Microsoft Gold Partner

Microsoft DevOps Elite Partner

Architects of IT Transformation
Founding Partner  of DASA &

DevOps Summit Amsterdam.
Expertise in SRE, Enterprise Cloud and Data Platform, Self-service Automation..

Experts in secure development and security engineering. Structural contributor to open source initiatives eg. OWASP Mobile Security Testing Guide

Immerse in Real-World Scenarios, Real Technology, and Real Infrastructure

Every step of the way, the Instruqt platform actually runs code on the side to check that the learners are actually completed whatever task was set for. So that was really powerful. It’s spinning up their own sandbox to have them experiment and have no guide rails.

Bite-Sized Content for the Modern Learner

One of the reasons people are not continuously exploring new skills is because learning takes time.  Microlearning content (short, bite-sized learning opportunities) helps professionals keep their knowledge up to date in a way that fits in with busy schedules and tight deadlines

Built by experts who live and breath tech

Instruqt was developed by a team of IT engineers and consultants in Cloud and DevOps-related topics who are passionate about learning, knowledge sharing and have worked with many organizations in advising them on how to adopt new technology.  They know from experience that IT professionals learn best by doing. 

Experience the Power of Challenge-Driven Learning

Need to upskill your talent at scale? Instruqt can help!

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