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Elevate the experience of your live developer workshops with hands-on product experience. Whether you run on-site or virtual, Instruqt-powered workshops leave audiences with tangible knowledge of your products, and an appetite to learn more.

How it works

With a few clicks of your mouse, you can easily connect your product to the Instruqt platform.
Tell your product story and show a real installation. Guide prospects to value with task-based assignments.
Embed your demos, product tours on your website or share it with prospects using an invitation link.

Host Live Workshops with Confidence

Show value without the heavy lifting
Fire up ready-to-use workshop environments with the click of a button. With fast, reliable workshop functionality, Instruqt empowers you to showcase the value of your product.
Bye-bye technical complications
No need to blame the WiFi for workshop surprises that trip you up! Instruqt lets host live workshops with confidence with zero preparation time.
Got a big workshop? No problem.
Instruqt ensures your workshop can handle any group size, from a handful to thousands. More attendees than planned? No problem, with Instruqt you can instantly increase capacity with just a click!

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