Onboard and Upskill Your Team on Your Tech Stack

Many of your favorite developer tools use Instruqt to onboard you.  Provide your dev teams with the same onboarding and learning experience you know and love; on your company’s tech stack. 

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Ramp quickly! The best cloud-native developer onboarding experience starts at Instruqt.

Dev teams are tasked with the impossible right now

Onboarding takes too long
It takes months before your new hires are productive and get up and running in your tech stacks.
Generic training is ineffective
Off-the-shelf training fails to address the knowledge gaps in your team..
Support tickets are endless
It feels like an uphill battle trying to help people navigate the complexities of your tech implementation.

Old problem. New solution.

One-third of tech workers quit within 6 months due to ineffective onboarding. There’s got to be a better way!

Before Instruqt

Wasting time reading obsolete documentation.
Trial by many errors in production leads to costly mistakes!
Expensive and impractical 1-1 peer to peer onboarding.
With Instruqt
Learning by doing in your production-like environment - a living documentation.
Build it and break it in the sandbox without crashing your tech.
Onboard thousands without breaking the bank. Everyone learns via the browser (not their desktops).

Improve Developer Happiness with Instruqt

Onboard across applications
Onboard engineers on your entire workflow and not a single product.
Unified web experience
Bring interactive lab environments, tutorials, explainer videos and reference docs in a holistic view.
Works with all technologies
Build labs that mimic your live product. Instruqt works with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Linux, Windows, Docker, Kubernetes, and more.
Upskill before touching the internal tech stack

Educate new hires and partners on your stack in a training environment before they get their hands-on the real tech stack.

Avoid costly errors in production

Avoid risks and errors when new hires start working on your stack by educating them.

Get people up to speed in record time

Get partners and new hires faster up to speed by giving them hands-on learning on your stack.

Guided Experience

Let your employees experience your educational programs 24/7 without getting lost, even for complex technical products.

Remove developer friction with Instruqt Sandbox Onboarding 

Give your team a taste of Instruqt
Explore how to build content
Help tech vendors win deals, fast

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