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Instruqt enables you to transform complex documentation into easily digestible and interactive self-service training content. Itā€™s the best way to onboard developers on your internal tooling, patterns, and practices.

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The Problem

A lengthy onboarding process impacts project timelines and delays critical projects and product deployment.Ā 

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Standard training falls short of fully acquainting developers with enterprise tech stacks, coding standards, and workflow.

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Developers learn best by doing. Burdening them with excessive documentation hinders their progress.

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Manual onboarding hampers the team's efficiency, distracting senior engineers from their core tasks.

Meet Instruqt

The hands-on virtual IT lab for interactive learning
Hit the ground running fast with hands-on learning in pre-configured live environments.

Offer developers a frictionless experience

Simplify complex documentation and ease learning by integrating self-paced onboarding within your product. This approach allows developers to learn comfortably, understand concepts thoroughly, and eliminate the pressure of strict timelines.

Give back the time for more coaching

The best way to onboard developers is to create an environment encouraging learning and feedback. Once the basics are covered through self-paced learning, senior engineers can focus on guiding and supporting the team rather than explaining the fundamentals.

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Your guidance and expertise have
accelerated my learning and growth.
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Thanks for the in-depth code reviews.
Iā€™ll work on those changes.
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The best part of these coaching sessions
is that I can see my progress almost immediately.
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Thanks for spending time with me
and making me feel valued.

Increase confidence and
ā€minimize production errors

Developers learn best by doing. Simulating real-world scenarios in interactive labs allows them to apply their knowledge in a controlled environment while receiving instant feedback. This helps developers gauge their progress and strengthens their understanding of your stacks.

Our results speak for themselves

Level up your developer onboarding.


Increase in workshop engagement


Gained more visibility into the learning journey


Saved hours of setting up costly learningĀ environments

mongo db
Raghu Viswanathan
VP of Education, Academia, and Documentation at MongoDB

MongoDB trains a large number of developers worldwide each year. Learning is a key enabler for product adoption, and Instruqt helps us make developer education seamless.

Boost product adoption and usage.

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