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Why Innovators Love Instruqt

Its been great working with the Instruqt team on events. They continually come up with effective and fun ways to reach our technical community and quickly push out new training content to help spread the word for us. They deliver successfully every time and keep expanding their platform in great ways.

Matt Feigal

Customer Engineering Manager, Google Inc.

Using Instruqt, we were able to reduce our setup time by 95%. Giving us more time to interact with our customers attending the training, and being able to deliver training at an even higher quality and consistency.

Ben Hählen

Director of Customer Success,

People love games. Instruqt’s challenge-driven learning transforms dull training material into a fun and engaging experience. Users retain more knowledge and are more likely to complete the entire training when they have a series of stepping stones or sub-tasks to complete along the way.

Sean Carolan

Technology Specialist Terraform, Hashicorp

At Quby we moved their on-prem data center to the Cloud, which brought in a host of new technologies such as AWS, Mesos, Marathon, Docker, Chronos, and Consul to name a few. Instruqt was essential to train the platform team at Quby. They required hands-on practical experience with all these technologies in a safe way and allow them to take ownership of their new Cloud Platform.

Mark van Holsteijn


We’ve found that when users are just copy/pasting commands from a tutorial, they might understand the general gist of the solution they are learning, but tend to forget the specifics very quickly because they are not fully engaged. By having a non-guided assignment or challenge, users are more engaged with the solution, leading to higher retention and excitement. Instruqt makes this experience super easy to build and scale, and because Instruqt can actually check if a solution is correct, users are much more engaged vs blindly copy-pasting.

Sandeep Dinesh

Developer Advocate, Google Cloud

Hands-on lab tech was great. I didn’t have to install anything to play with it and explore.

Emke Alberts

Cloud Architect

Very interesting, a good overview and useful hands-on, practical labs. Will definitely recommend to others!

Martin L. More

Network Engineer