Pay only for what you use.

Our pricing is based on number of Plays. A Play is calculated by multiplying the time a track is running with the total amount of resources that is required for the infrastructure.

Cost per Play

Each time a user starts a track is considered a Play, and is billed accordingly.

Size Memory (GB) Cost per hour
XS 1 GB $ 0,08
S 2 GB $ 0,16
M 4 GB $0,32
L 8 GB $0,64
XL 16 GB $1,28
XXL 32 GB $2,56

Frequently asked questions

What is a track?

A track is a group of challenges around the same subject, and can be started by the player. He or she needs to unlock a challenge to start the next one. After completion, the track is marked as completed. Each track creates its own infrastructure, which will be billed accordingly.

What is a Play?

A Play is when a User starts or restarts a track. As a track creator, you can define the duration and the amount of resources of the track.

What types of resources can I create?

Depending on the pricing package, you can create infrastructure that consists of Containers, Virtual Machines or Cloud accounts.

What is Virtual Machine pooling?

For tools that take a long time to start, we created a pooling mechanism. This will make sure that there is always 1 instance running, so people who start the track don't have to wait.

What support options are available?

Every package includes access to our Slack support channel. Only the Enterprise package includes paid support options.

How can I upgrade?

Just send us an e-mail and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

What happens if the RAM hours are exceeded?

When you have used the RAM hours in your subscription, you start paying the regular price per RAM hour. Your tracks will remain available.

What is the minimum contract duration?

The minimum contract duration is one month.