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Simple pricing, no matter how you use Instruqt

Create great learning with our usage-based pricing plan. You have the flexibility to grow as your needs for hands-on sandbox environments grow.


How does Instruqt pricing work?

You only need to pay a small monthly subscription fee that covers the usage of all features. On top of that, you pay for what you consume.

This is based on the total time users spend on your tracks per month.

It’s tiered, which means the more you consume, the less you pay.

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Is Instruqt pricing in reach for open source projects?

Instruqt offers a free plan for open-source projects.

For example, we support open projects at CNCF. Check out Fluentbit

Get in touch to discuss your use case.

Is Instruqt pricing in reach for early-stage startups?

Instruqt offers a special package for early-stage startups.

Get in touch to discuss your use case.

Does Instruqt offer a free trial?
Yes, we do. If you want to start a free trial, let’s have a conversation and we’ll create an account for you. 
What are the use cases of Instruqt?

The possibilities to leverage Instruqt for lead gen, sales enablement, and customer training are endless. The common use cases include: 

  • Self-paced tutorials
  • Virtual instructor-led training
  • Demos and POCs
  • Workshops and events
  • Customer and partner onboarding
  • Internal training
  • Knowledge sharing
What business outcomes can I drive using Instruqt?

For Marketing – fuel demand, increase engagement, and shorten the sales cycle.

For Sales – increase deal speed and win rates with tangible demos and improve sales productivity.

For Customer Success – boost product usage and upsell.

For Sales Enablement – turn performers into top sellers, and bring new hires up to speed in record time.

For Partner Enablement – equip channel partners with the resources and knowledge they need to be successful.

Customer stories

Fast growing software companies trust Instruqt

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Instruqt is super rad. It allows us to have a web-based platform where people can interact with a terminal and some code. So they don’t have to install Terraform or anything.

They spin up these challenges in their browser, and then I was able to put instructions off to the side of the screen, and they can walk through the different challenges.

Scott McAllister

Developer Advocate

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Compared to the cost of an engineer’s time in debugging the provisioning of large environments for many users, Instruqt delivers great value.

Jim Barton

Field Engineer

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