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Our Story

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember.  I do and I understand”


Instruqt started at HashiConf EU
It all started in 2016 when a team of engineers at Xebia co-organized Hashicorp’s first European conference in Amsterdam. They wanted to show visitors how to use Hashicorp tools. So they thought what
 better way to do that than to let the visitors experience through learning by doing?

They came up with the idea of creating sandbox environments based on the HashiCorp tools (Nomad, Consul, Terraform and Vault), and gave visitors a series of puzzles designed to let them experience the tools first hand by solving challenges. About ⅓ of the delegates participated. Some even went back to the hotel to finish all the challenges, because the wifi signal was stronger. The visitors came to learn perhaps one tool but left with hands-on experience in all of them. The seed for Instruqt’s gamified learning platform was planted.


Thereafter, Hashicorp invited the team to speak at Hashiconf in the US on the values of gamified learning infrastructure. The team built a second iteration of the environment which was completely browser-based for this event. It also sparked the team to focus on designing a scalable solution to train the mass without a whole lot of setup time.

The learning platform was validated at a customer. This company was in the process of adopting Docker containers and was migrating to AWS. Instruqt was essential to deliver the required hands-on practical experience to their employees with all these technologies in a safe way and empowered them to take ownership of their new Cloud Platform.

And officially launched at Google Cloud Next
Recognizing the immense values this learning platform can bring for tech upskilling, Xebia has decided to invest in forming a new company under its umbrella, Instruqt. Instruqt was officially launched at Google Cloud Next (GCN) in San Francisco and was used to showcase the power of the Google Cloud technologies.

The visitors were blown away by the Instruqt learning platform hosted on retro-style arcades. Since then, these arcades built by Instruqt are featured at Google events around the world.

Curious about how Google boosts attendee engagement (virtual or not), tune in to this 35-minute on-demand webinar featuring Brent Shaffer and Martin Varela, Developer Program Engineers at Google Inc.

Helping enterprises upskill IT workforce at scale
In 2020, Instruqt enables enterprises to easily onboard employees by:

  • Offering real-world learning customized to your tech stacks
  • Helping them get hands-on experience in the real tools while they learn
  • Allowing them to break things without worrying about impacting your production environment

If you are interested in finding out how you can use Instruqt to create customized real-world learning of your tech stacks, I invite you to check out this Practical Guide.