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Hands-on labs features

Get more done in less time, without the hassle

We take on setup and provisioning, so you can focus on building hands-on labs as fast as possible. 


Works with all technologies

Build labs that mimic your live product. Instruqt works with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Linux, Windows, Docker, Kubernetes, and more.

Real-time access to multi-cloud

Get temporary access to an entire cloud project on any Cloud provider of your choice: AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. 

Ease of use

Your users no longer need to download and install your software to try it. All they need is a browser.

100% elastic and scalable

Burst mode supports increases in demand without any lead-time planning. You can add any number of users any time you like. 

Spin up sandboxes on the fly

Launch your demos, self-service trials, POCs, or workshops in seconds. Create a safe place for experimentation and learning. 

Maintenance free

Make a big impact even with a small team. We manage the complete lifecycle from provisioning to the teardown of your sandboxes.

Private sandbox

Let people explore your technology without impacting the live environment.

Pay as you go

Pay for what you use and when you need it. You have the flexibility to grow as your needs for interactive IT environments grow.

Simple, Scalable Content Creation

Ready-to-use templates

Get up and running fast with our library of Docker and Kubernetes templates and track environment configuration templates. 

Easy start for beginners

Create content in less time with our web-based content  creation wizard. 

Direct feedback

Increase your users’ motivation to learn and drive engagement by providing direct feedback based on their actions.  

Ensures you're always on brand

Add your logo, choose your brand color, and create your banner images on your organization page. 

Automated testing framework

Run your sandbox with confidence. Use our CLI to automatically test your content. Add it in your CI pipeline jobs, so your users never run into broken content.

Holistic learning

Offers a seamless experience with access to notes, terminal, quizzes, images, and videos all in one place. 

Command-line interface (CLI)

Increase productivity by integrating content development in your agile workflow and CI/CD pipelines. 

Challenge-Driven learning

Beat the forgetting curve by scenario-based hands-on exercises to hone people on the value of your technology. 


Sandbox starts in seconds enabling your users instant access to the content. 


Open API

Increase productivity by automating actions on the platform with our GraphQL-based API.

SCORM support

Enables content distribution at scale by uploading your hands-on lab content into your LMS.


Keeps your CRM up to date by getting real-time data from our platform to your services. 

Embed anywhere

Boost demand generation by adding hands-on tutorials to your site, blog, or anywhere around the web to educate customers.

Access Management


Role Based Access Control (RBAC), easy invite system, and member management.

Manage sandboxes

Control what you share and what users can access by toggling and changing the settings and limits on each track. 

Share content with magic links

Easily share content with external users by generating magic access links.

Tracking & Reporting

Measure the success of your content

Get complete visibility of how your track performs based on the number of plays and completion rate. 

GDPR friendly

Grow your business while safeguarding data subject rights. Ensure accountability at all levels

User Happiness and feedback

Stay on top of how your users interact with your content with happiness scoring. Easily collect feedback with the review feature.

Customer first

We have dedicated customer success and support—community slack channel for support and knowledge sharing.

The platform is very flexible and customizable, plus the Instruqt team responds very quickly. They were able to adapt the platform to our use-case very well and within a short time frame.

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Got a question?

Can’t find your question?

Is there a way to restrict usage?

Yes, you can restrict usage as a content developer using the following controls:

  • Limit the number of times a track can be played or use our invite system to control the plays.
  • Set a time limit for how long the environment will be available.
  • Make your content private
What is the implementation timeline?

We know you want to get started quickly. We offer an accelerated onboarding workshop with our hands-on lab specialist to set your team up for success. 

Once you’re all trained up, you probably won’t need much help, but our customer success team will be here to help when you do. You can reach them by email, phone, or Slack.

Does Instruqt support my technology?

Instruqt works with all technology. And we offer Windows and Linux support.

Does Instruqt support an on-premise software environment?

Yes, we do. 

How does Instruqt compare to an LMS?

Instruqt is a hands-on virtual IT lab with LMS features and more. The primary difference is that Instruqt enables you to create a learning environment that mimics your software with our sandboxes: 

  • Showcase product capabilities using interactive tutorials 
  • Customize scenarios for your target audience 
  • Train customers through dynamic challenges 
  • Build personalized courses where exercises progressively get more complex over time
Do you integrate with Skilljar?

If you are a Skilljar user and want to include Hands-on labs in your training content, Instruqt can help.

  • Use our embed feature to include an Instruqt track as a lesson in Skilljar. It is possible to trigger automatic completion from the final challenge’s cleanup script by using their API.
  • Use Instruqt SCORM support to share content on Skilljar.


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